Xone DB4 with SC6000

Just wondering if anyone has tried this combo? Am hoping to add a DB4 to the SC6000s. Does Touch Preview on the players work as expected and just plays through the que? Cheers!

Preview works on every mixer, but it cannot check if the fader is up like on an X18x0.

Ahhhh rite, so run the risk of it previewing through the main mix. That should be fine…fingers crossed. Cheers!

Great mixer. Underrated in my opinion. I ran it for years in my previous set up. Switched to the Rane MP2015 in the past few years but the DB4 is a beast.

DB4 is a beast one of it’s kind. Maybe Zero4 from Korg was close, but still not there yet…

I owned two Zero4s and my best friend still has a Zero8. They were amazing mixers for the time, but they aren’t a pimple on the arse of the DB4!!

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My setup is 2. SC6000m’s with a DB4. and two 1210. The DB4 is great. Could do with more delay FX’s but a great compliment to the SC6000’s. The per channel filters and loopers on the DB4 allow for one to get significantly creative!