X1800 Firmware v1.3 Now Available!

Hey Everyone,

We’re excited to inform you that a new firmware version for the X1800 is now available. This update brings new FX and loads of improvements. The X1800 and X1850 are now identical feature wise. See the full release notes and download link below.

X1800 PRIME Version 1.3.0

New Features:

  • Added New BPM FX: ECHOHOLD
  • Added New BPM FX: PUMPER
  • Added FX Limiter to Utility Menu
  • Added Gate + Noise (left turn) FX for ‘NOISE’ Sweep FX
  • Added brightness control for LEDs
  • Added firmware version info to Engine Connect pop up

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Improved DSP performance
  • Improved MIDI clock BPM
  • Fixed ‘NOISE’ FX pop sound when crossing center position
  • Fixed audio pop sound when changing microphone EQ frequency
  • Changed ‘REVERB’ FX early delay time
  • Improved fader response when moving the fader slowly
  • Improved ‘GATE’ FX
  • Improved ‘ECHO’ FX
  • Improved ‘PHASER’ FX
  • Improved ‘REVERB’ FX
  • Improved ‘HALLECHO’ FX
  • Changed PHASER maximum dry-wet level
  • Changed FLANGER maximum dry-wet level
  • Changed FX Frequency routing for ECHO/REVERB/HALLECHO from pre to post
  • Changed FX Frequency cutoff frequency from 60Hz/16KHz to 80Hz/10kHz
  • Changed FX Frequency dry-wet curve
  • Changed ‘BIT CRUSH’ FX default bit depth to 16bit
  • Changed Cue Solo mode to immediately take effect when selecting OFF/ON
  • Adjusted FX Limiter threshold
  • Ignored FX Limiter input less than 0dB
  • Adjusted FX Limiter release rate to be faster
  • Reduced ‘FILTER’ BPM FX resonance
  • Removed Auto Screen Saver on/off menu from Utility (now automatic)
  • Separated OLED and LED Brightness menu
  • Improved ‘DUB ECHO’ and ‘GATE’ FX DSP performance to support 96kHz
  • Improved ‘DUB ECHO’ FX and FX Limiter DSP performance to support 96kHz
  • Removed ‘REVERB’ FX in 96khz
  • Changed Filter resonance default value to 8
  • Other various stability enhancements & improvements




Amazing, thanks guys!

Echo Hold If that is what I hope it is then I’m a happy camper. It’s my most used effect on Traktor.

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I am getting this when I try and run it on Win 10 X64 I have tried two different PC’s


Ok… what was the purpose of that action please Denon DJ ?

minor cosmetic thing if the updater is started without the x1800 connected, it reports that it will update to version 1.0.0. Once the X1800 is connected it reported correctly (from 1.2.0 to 1.3.0 in my case)

Had no problems here with latest Windows10 x64 version 2004.


Sorry for the trouble. Looking into this now.

It was removed from 96kHz because of DSP limitations. Stability is our number 1 focus.

This is expected. There are two parts to the update process:

  1. XMOS USB Updater. This has not changed so, that component is up to date.
  2. STM/DSP Updater.

Just tried it on two other machines on a different internet connections and with different AV, firewalls etc, same thing its possibly a CDN issue, you got served it from a different mirror or something?

Awesome for this one!!

Definitely a different source. :relaxed:

The Windows version in the zip is smaller than it’s supposed to be > @JWiLL


Yeah it should be about 37MB not 22MB. Let’s wait for confirm and reupload.

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We’re working on a new Windows DL. Is the mac version working ok?

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@j141 try this link: https://cdn.inmusicbrands.com/denondj/X1800/13/Denon_DJ_X1800_PRIME_v1_3_Windows.zip

Let me know if that version runs for you now. Thanks!

Looks like that did the trick, it installed ok and is currently updating, thanks :slight_smile:

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So what are differences because I bought the x1850 two weeks ago. If they’re identical then what was the point of releasing the X1850? Can someone help me understand what I am missing?

Awesome! Thanks for letting us know and confirming the new file resolved the issue :raised_hands:t3:

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The X1850 looks a bit nicer to match the new SC6000’s and has a locking power cable