When support for pendrives prepared/exported by Rekordbox, like 5000 does?

When support for pendrives prepared/exported by Rekordbox, like 5000 does?

Yes, I know, I have too many expectations … but I wish the best for Denon

That would be same to asking a moped to make the same speed as the NASCAR

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I would definitely tune in to THAT moped race!

It will not ever get that feature. The SC5000 can do that because it also has the power to analyse a track “on the fly” while the 8000 simply does not have the power under the hood to do those kinds of things.


If you can read the analysis data of the rekordbox library, it is not necessary to analyze on the flight.

Guys, It’s only software!!!

When there’s a will, there’s a way…

Rekordbox is Pioneer’s software, we encourage you use our software, Engine Prime, on our equipment.


Yes, I own the hardware but, What can you do when you receive a Guest DJ who use Rekordbox?

This is why SC5000 support rekordbox.

COMPATIBILITY is the secret!


But if denon made a model for £1000 that did everything the £2000 model could do, who’d buy the £2000 model. :sunglasses:

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No, it’s not software. It’s hardware. Denon has stated many, many times that the MCX8000 does not have the hardware in it to do what you’re asking. Hell, they are pushing to the limits just to get it to read Engine Prime prepared tracks.

The SC5000 doesn’t just read the RB database - it converts it to EP and then reanalyses the tracks using Denon’s algorithms. That takes a lot of processing power, and again, the MCX8000 wasn’t designed with that kind of power under the hood.

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Maybe the hardware is not too powerfull for that, but it’s software!

Different types of products and customer taget. You can’t compare 1300usd budget of a small club/pub/dj with a 6000usd equipment budget of a pro setup.

That’s exactly the same thing that he is trying to tell you. A $1300 semi-pro unit that’s usually personally owned by the DJ doesn’t have to have the recordbox compatibility that the $6000 club owned Prime setup that’s used by multiple DJ has.

And yes, it’s about the hardware. Engine Prime even has to create Engine 1.5 database on prepared USB sticks in order for MCX8000 to be able to browse quickly enough. Why the frack is that hard to understand that to you???

I have a lot of DJs (more than 20, one is a Best DJ winnig award) who cames to visit me and they can’t play any song because they use Rekordbox, but why I need to explain this TO YOU!!!

I do not understand people like you complaining about other forum users. You are wasting your time and mine. It is a “SUGGESTION” or a simple desire. Denon will decide if my wish deserves to be developed or not. NOT YOU. Quoting you: “…frack…”??? what about of respect and good modals?

Oh dear, this is escalating quickly…

(skipping the best DJ blabla)

Anyway, it’s a nice suggestion, but it’s not possible within’ the hardware. Prime units also do not read the Rekordbox waveform from the Pioneer database; only cues and loops info.

It probably has to do with what data can be converted and read from the Rekordbox database. The waveform stream is differently stored than time related stuff; like cues and loops.

But don’t take my word for it: Question about Reading Rekordbox Files

Perhaps it might be fairer to say that with a suitable firmware update, that is if there’s any room left in the 8000 for more firmware, then the 8000 could read rekordbox data, load the track in, analyse the waveform to merge the read rekordbox loop and cue data…

…but it would take 12 minutes per track

If you are booking headliners either as a venue owner or as a production company, you need to invest in industry standard equipment in order to properly fulfill riders or rent equipment.

I’m in full agreement with this idea.

If some DJ is in a position where they have a rider then they’re probably going to pull in enough crowd to easily cover the venues cost of renting in the appropriate gear for that persons particular choice.

On the flip side, if the visiting DJ ain’t all that … and isn’t likely to bring in the crowds, then they shouldn’t be above the “normal mans” level of lugging their own play out gear into a booth.

I’m not talking about booking noone. They usually come for free and expontaneusly because we are very close friend. If I book a DJ to sell tickets, I must buy or rent a good rider for this, I’m not stupid. After more than 30 years DJing I know a lot of DJs…

But like some nicknames, there are some “negative” people around here witch dedicates time to attack other ideas rather to propose new ones.

A simple Like button or Disslike is enought. This suggest doesn’t deserve more than 4 lines.

Bye guys, and good luck!

Okay so a recap:

With so many best DJ friends at your side for more than 30 years, you bought an MCX8000 so everyone of them can come play for free and fun.

You start a discussion on a forum by asking a question or making a suggestion, but you rather want a like or dislike as on Facebook.

You get an honest answer and counter arguments, but are only accepting that from a DenonDJ staffmember.

It’s a crazy world…

I’ll ask Tijs and Armin to prepare their Rekordbox stick in Engine Prime before they go to you.

Lighten up and have fun! Bye.

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Worse, he gets facts but just choses to ignore them.

I do get that some people, who have boarded the mcx8000 train a “bit” late, don’t know how DenonDJ explicitly stated that, despite continued updates for MCX8000 that it will never have Prime capabilities but c’mon, use logic and common sense.

Denon states that MCX8000 =/= Prime gear and we get a forum thread about WHEN will (not even a “is it possible?”) MCX8000 be = Prime gear. Meanwhile, Engine Prime still doesn’t have all the capabilities of old Engine 1.0-1.5 version (linking, ios app, support for legacy hardware) and not a single user opening a specific thread about that.