Transfer music into ssd


Hi guys!Obviously i’m here for the Prime4…i’m coming from a Mc4000(great little machine) and a Pioneer DDj1000(great machine)…If i can go to a gig ONLY with a Prime 4 will be great,and if i can analyze and organize music only with the Prime 4 will be amazing! So,question is…i’ve got my Rekordbox(or Serato or ecc ecc) 64gb stick,i’ll gentle pull in the usb port of the Prime and…can i import all my music to the ssd inside the Prime?(yes,ssd that i’ve buyed)Directly from the Prime 4 menu?This is the n1 feature that i need and intend for a Standalone system… Second question\hope…is the internal cpu futureproof?Can it handle updates of the Engine Prime or the controller features without slowdown?For what i see in some reviews the system seems pretty powerful and snappy but the “windows syndrome” is a bad thing :smile:


Great questions.

  1. The Prime 4 will accept your USB stick or SSD via USB or the SATA interface located on the bottom of the unit. With regards to Rekordbox conversion, when you insert your Rekordbox formatted drive into a Prime system, a menu pops up notifying you that it has found an RB formatted drive and will ask if you want to convert the loops and hot cues. Note: While your loops and hot cues will transfer over from RB to Prime, the beatgrids do not. The conversion is done within the hardware–not the Engine Prime app.

  2. If memory serves me, a teardown of the SC5000 revealed some type of ARM based processor–the specifics I can’t recall but a simple forum search would help you. With regards to being futureproof, Denon would never intentionally release an update for the hardware that would cause the system to slow down or lose its “snappiness,” the consumer fallout from such a thing would be overwhelming, to say the least. Technology is always changing and evolving and I think it’s safe to assume Denon have taken this into consideration when building their Prime systems.


Thanks for the reply,yeah i hope they have develop the Prime4 with an eye to the future…so i can copy my music fron usb to ssd or the machine ask me to convert music data but can i decide the destination drive or Prime creates the Engine data in the same pendrive?..not a problem to copy music from pc to the ssd externally but just to clarify that the 4 is a real standalone system


The term Standalone can be mis-interpreted, and has already been, by tourists barging in. But let’s give all those who said “bits it’s supposed to be standalone man!” The benefit of the doubt and let’s say that standalone is a new term that not everyone is familiar with yet.

So, comments like “how can it be standalone when it’s used on the same planet that’s got laptops” or “how can it be standalone when the musicians themselves don’t live inside the Prime 4?” Could be botched up to people new to the term.

I suspect that the prime4 is standalone by way of it not needing a laptop on the same stage, or in the same DJ booth as the DJ, during their performance.


No ones here (i think) want to be have a little Garrix in his bedroom or livingroom😁,but like you said as a standalone system that can be used without laptop (at least for me) can copy music without a laptop from an external source,or is just an xdj rx…


The dj Rex or whatever it’s called offered that copying tracks from usb drive to drive and everyone was horrified that when more than one dj was using it then DJ 1 could copy DJ 2s music onto DJ 1s usb drive

That’s a reason for Denon DJ not to copy That mistake


If I’m understanding the question right, here’s the answer: When you connect the Prime 4 to your computer, it will show up in Engine Prime as a drive source, so you can transfer your files from your computer to the Prime 4–without ever having to remove the SSD. Prime creates the Engine data on the drive, all your Rekordbox data will be in tact so you can continue to use it as you normally would.


Ok,so this is when i connect to the pc,i like to know if the same thing happen when i insert a Rb stick in a usb port of the Prime4…if from the menu of the controller i can move\copy from usb to ssd,S_Anderson said (from what i understand) that is not possible to copy directly from usb to ssd due to avoid djs copy music of other djs(but if the unit is mine no other use it)…because other than the first time that i can connect the ssd to a pc to copy my music database,if i have to add only some new tracks on the fly to the ssd it’s more comfortable to copy thru the Prime 4 instead to have to connect to the pc…


I also read that the only way to move/copy music to the internal SSD is to link the Prime 4 to a PC/laptop.

First of all I’m not planning to purchase the Prime 4 as I’m happy with the SC5k & X1800 set, but if I would have a prime 4 this would be a reason for me not to use the interal bay but use an external SSD. This I can take away from the Prime 4 and connect it to any PC/laptop in the house.

2nd advantage is that it is very easy to create a backup and more important if you have a gig where you not be using your own Prime 4 you only have to take your external drive.


AFAIK, you cannot copy/paste between connected devices directly via Prime 4.


Maybe the idea of copying music from drive to drive on the P4 isn’t such a silly idea, Your copying music from your PC/Laptop to the P4 in the first place so what’s wrong from USB thumb drive to internal hard drive, i for one would like to do that just to top up my library without connecting it to my PC, and I know some Djs like to swap demos or music they have made themselves.


In fact the idea of copying music from drive to drive in the Prime 4 is a great idea. A possible solution would be to give access to the home user (move files, delete files, copy files, etc…) so he can manage the database as he likes (without the need of a computer), and, in the case he needs to share the Prime 4 with other DJs (at a gig or somewhere else), then he could password-protect the database and the access to the drives.

That’s my opinion, it would be more than great if we could have the ability to move copy and delete files between drives.


Yess!!That’s what i mean for a standalone controller,possibility to modify/copy/setup library without need my pc near the 4…


I know as a mobile Dj the idea to add files to my hard drive without the need to plug the P4 into the PC would greatly enhance the P4


I’d never associated Capt Jack Sparrow with music files, til now aaaaaarrr :pirate_flag: :slight_smile:


Why do people do that, automatically think because you want to move your music from one drive to another it’s got to be piracy. Not the fact it would just make life so much more easier.


Cause it happens

When one of the pioneer usb models did drive to drive copying there were a wash of DJs finding that visiting DJs were copying music onto their drives from other attached drives. It’s a guess that some ratio of the copying was done without permission, and some was done with permission

Even with permission from the DJ, there’s the whole copyright permission issues.

Do Denon really want to offer a unit that allows laws to be broken? Even though it’s more situation that usb units don’t break the copyright laws, people do.


Are you calling me a pirate just for asking the feature to move files between drives? Man, you have a trust problem. That’s even offensive. “A thief believes everybody steals”, you should think about it.

In most cases, the vast majority of time the Prime 4 is used by the owner (bedroom djs, home users, mobile djs, etc.). In the case that the Prime 4 is going to be shared between DJs, some kind of password-protection could be used, as I suggested. But the feature to move files between drives is essential for people looking at truly standalone DJ systems.

Yeah, I don’t understand either, the society is so mistrustful nowadays. This feature would make life so much easier, specially for people like me that don’t use Windows nor Mac and don’t want to stick with them just for DJing, and that’s why we are looking for a truly standalone DJ system.


DRM is dead in the water. It didn’t work.

I know plenty of “DJs” who have massive hard drives of music they have copied from mates, downloaded from torrents or bought off eBay. They then play out on a second hand laptop running cracked VDJ

Restricting hardware won’t stop them doing what they do because they feel it’s their right to get pretty much everything for nothing. Yes, it’s theft but who is ever going to catch them?


It’s likely you responded to my earlier post before you read my second post, which gave detail of more than one person being involved in the copying and exonerated any single person copying -their own- music files