Timer reset again... no one knows what it means but its ehh something

Seems monday is gonna be manic! :smiley:

I, as a windows guy, will not be surprised if i can pickup my players tomorrow, or Monday! Or next week or the week after that, who knows but all will be good. But also just like windows timebars, whats the use if a countdown clock keeps changing? Its like a lolly to shut up a nagging kid. But the lack of real explanation from denon is not making me feel more confident about their customer support, or how one should communicate with their forum members. Hopefully this was my last rant, I will just sit quit and wait till I can post something positive like ‘they’re here’…


Having more features finished off is certainly nothing bad - really it’s good. At least you and i are about to get SC5000 Prime players. I wonder if I’m the first female owner of Primes.

Communications are every bit as important as the actual product. While Denon has an amazing product coming to market with the Prime series, so far its communication efforts with customers has been poor.

My fingers are crossed that side of the equation will improve now that units are out in the wild.


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