Loop questions on the SC5000

Well I would just be thrilled as Engine Prime does what it should in the right way, so I hope they fix the loop move mishap before I get mine… Things like that make me nervous. I hope they add customizability for the screen too, like what I want to see where and when. Like with tags and playlist fontsizesize or hide columns. Anyway, hopefully you won’t be the last female dj that primes her setup…

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Yes, Engine Prime has various user selectable screen layouts, and columns can be added, removed, widths adjusted, sorted ascending/descending, filtered etc

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That’s good to hear! Any news about the loop move? I like my loops to keep playing while activated and moving them, and too move them quietly for a later pickup or reactivation when not active, u know what I mean?

The loop move query someone mentioned when looking at Engine Prime on PC/Mac.

The Engine Prime software isn’t “on-stage” software, its more “preparation” or “utility” software. So not a Virtual DJ, or Serato, or Traktor (although from my own point of view EP seems to have more accurate BPM and loops - imo). With that in mind, How EP reacts to loop playback “off stage” won’t necessarily, instantly, affect how the SC5000 performs. Obviously the loops start and end points will be exactly the same but the “keep in the loop even if loop is moved” or “keep loop active/playing if moved” isn’t so necessary during off-stage preparation.

Loops will stay in place, or be moved and can be either active (looping) or inactive (in the right location, right duration, but won’t loop as the “stylus” enters that area…

Tricky to explain perhaps, maybe a video would help … maybe I’ll dig out my vid camera soon.

My bad, that loop comment was about what i saw in the unboxing video, so on the player itself.

It’s not an error per say, more so a performance/workflow thing.

This could get deep, but I’ll try… If I’ve got a loop which starts at 1min 30secs which loops back at 1min 40, and the player is playing at 1min 35 and the loop is active, then of course, the playback will reach 1min 40secs and loop back, seamlessly to 1min 30 and play through the loop again, and again etc.

If, when the player is playing at 1min 35 and I shift the loop backward to sit between 1min 20secs and 1min 30secs, the player would still be playing at 1 min 35secs (or 36 secs by now) and I, personally, wouldnt expect it to loop anymore as the playing point is now outside of the loop.

Was it that you were expecting a loop move to move the play point as well, so the looping carries on looping in the new place, you could achieve that by using Beat Jump, or by pressing the loop pad (1 to 8) to jump instantly to that loop.

Or of course, there could be a way of adding it as an option incthe presets menu. It would have to be an option though as some will prefer the existing way.

That’s how Traktor handles it (dunno about Serato). You guys should definitely consider to make the loop move behave this way, as DJs are used to it from software - rather than creating your own style that may lead to certain “surprises” in the club.


It’s all possible in software and of course, and again always best t have it as an option, rather than a “everyone change from how it worked for you last week”

Copying one bit of DJ software isn’t a straight given either, so again the option of SC5000 or “Ol’ Traktor Buddy” loop move method would be a consideration. But hey, the products only just out the door, so input from more SC5000 owners would be the first thing to digest.

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Thanks for your explanation, i understand perfect. But just as @KevinBasher says: Like in traktor, i would like the active loop, stay in loop playing while i move it. When i am not in a loop and want to jump, thats when i use beatjump. But when i am in a loop i want my play(marker/stylus/audio) to stay in that loop at the phase of that loop, whilst movin it. So say i am in an active 8 count loop and i am at count five, i can move it up or down and stay in phase just in time for the drop or whatever. Just like in traktor yess. But like u said, shouldnt be to hard to customize that through options. Active loop move is the chips! Tricky thing is the slipmode while in an active loop. Should it stay in loop and slip to there while cue juggling? Yes please. But i noticed different on different systems wich really bugs me but that also shouldnt be too hard to custumize to anyones liking. Sort of like the cruise loops mode while not in autocue play, then it ignores loops, but i would really like the opposite option for slipmode, stay in loop when u activate slipmode in an active loop, and ignore them when u activate slipmode when not in an active loop.

Sorry for the long potato and hopefully it makes 2 cents to you all! Maybe i can clarify if necessary… Thanks!

And yess of course the loop pad would help in some prepared situations but I like my described mode better in unprepared or on the fly non routines or raotines if u will! :wink: #raotines

Ja the most briljant thing is the sc5k would store your personal settings to your usbstick so everything is always as you like best right? Same with other preferences I guess. And I understand some change is good and not everything can or has to be exactly the way traktor or whichever other setup we are used to does it, but like you said yourself, its a performance/workflow thing. And software. Maybe my question should have been, hey boothe, just checking but I assume the way loop move works is or will be custumizable?! :smiley: cause honor where honor is due, with almost every other question we guys had you guys were, yep already in there, yep thought of that too, yep naturally etc. Props.

And if you look at it the other way, if you move the loop back, the stylus follows and is in the same position as the prior loop point, so it would only be logical that it follow that same format if the loop is moved forward.

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Now that i have some hands on experience on the units, its super frustrating how the way forward loop move is different from backloop moving.

I would much like, and i hope i can explain it clearly and correct, if the:

  • loopmove forward works same as backward loopmove.
  • you could activate or deactivate said set loop and move it with encoder or beatjump. Whilst not active, and activate loop so like how loop move works now. And while in an active loop same, when u would deactivate and activate again in that loop it should activate dat loop again when I press shift. But I think that’s easy to make in the settings later on maybe. -and last but not least, I need better visual feedback to see if loop is on or not, the milky and whiter overlay when active are too similar for me, but maybe it takes some time to get used to, but for now it is confusing for me, just as the way loop move and encoder+shift functions.

Just my thoughts after two shows (4hr & 5hr)

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Would love to see Traktor loop on sc5000m too and slipmode and loop function. It seems that going into loop doesn’t let slipmode continue the song forward wich is a feature really nice for build ups. As far as I can when a loop is set the song stays in place and doesn’t move on with slipmode activated.

I also prefer how Traktor moves the loop.

I would not look at it like “we need to implement it this way because Traktor does it like that”, but because it’s simply better and provides the user with much more flexibility (Traktor just happens to get it right).

I’d suggest to add a poll or somehow ask the users - I expect most of us prefer to beatjump within the loop when you move it.

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Or just have both options in utilities

Bump, any insight if loop move traktor style will be implemented.

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I’m curious about that, too. Still seems like a no-brainer.

Made a feature request for this, because it seems denon only checks those requests in the feature request thread. If you got time give a support in that thread for traktor move loop