Synchronising SC6000 with Engine Prime

I’ve got a problem synchronising between my laptop and my SC6000s.

I created some crates in Engine Prime (Mac) and synchronised to my SC6000s. One of the SC6000 has an internal drive and they are connected by an ethernet network cable. The crates show up OK in the SC6000; all good so far.

If I then make changes to the crates on the SC6000, such as moving a track from one crate to another, how do I sync the changes back to Engine Prime on my laptop?

I have clicked the sync button under Devices, it did some very quick changes. Sync Manager says there is nothing to sync.

Hello Rob, You can’t synchronise SC6000 with Engine Prime on the computer. To access the drive in the SC6000, You need to switch it to computer mode (SOURCE > Computer icon) Then Engine prime will see the drive that You have installed in Your SC6000.

Yeah I can do that, thats not an issue. I can copy crates, playlists and tracks from Engine to SC6000 OK.

What I can’t seem to do is sync changes made on the player back to Engine.

But are You doing this in Computer mode on the player?

Yes, the SC6000 is in computer mode and connected via USB

When your internal ssd is connected Rob and you can see it in engine prime under ‘devices’ there is an icon that you press to sync back data to EP. If there is data to sync back bit should be illuminated. I’m not at home now and can’t remember what it looks like. I think it’s the middle icon.

Thats right, its a circular arrow icon. It was illuminated so I clicked it but the changes made on the SC6000 did not go back to Engine. That icon is now greyed out, so Engine thinks it is done.

There is no way to sync back changes like that.

You can only sync back performance data eg hotcues and loops.

Hmmmm thats a shame. Sync doesn’t really sync much then.

So how do you manage your library? Do you make crates and playlists in Engine or on the player?

If I use the player to manage my library then it renders Engine Prime almost useless. I would use it only to add in new tracks.

I just do all my library management in Engine Prime, as a matter of fact I do it in Serato. I use Engine Prime as the conduit to get my tracks to the 6000M.

It’s easier to create a crate/playlist on laptop than on the device for me.

If making playlist on the device is your preferred workflow then you need to consider using a plugged in drive rather than the internal bay.

You can have your main music collection in an external drive, use the same drive interchangeably between EP and Engine OS.

You won’t need to be exporting or anything.

So if you make a crate on your device the crate will be seen by EP

Ok thanks mufasa.

What I have done is to take the SSD out of the SC6000 and put into an external USB drive caddy which I happen to have.

So I can now move the external drive between the SC6000 and the laptop as you suggest.

How do I tell Engine to use the external drive rather than where the library is currently located? Do I need to reinstall Engine?

What I do (not just me)

  1. I was only using an external for music even before engine prime.

  2. My serato database was in this external drive

  3. So with a blank Engine Prime Library

  4. I synced my serato to engine prime

  5. Engine prime will create its own database on the same external

  6. It did not move any of my music files in the external

  7. I can still use the same external as source to export to another drive , I have a smaller sandisk for this. I can also export to another ssd installed in the 6000.

  8. If I need to do a gig requiring my entire collection I plug the main ssd into the players

  9. If download new songs i save them directly to the external before running EP

Do you have your library in another software? Eg Serato, Rekordbox etc

You can google how to move to external storage for Traktor and Virtual DJ if that’s what you use

As you have used Engine Prime to put music into that SSD you removed, it will not work for this workflow.

You need to manually migrate your main music to this drive. After which you have to stop using the main.

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I’m not using any software other than Engine.

This is annoying as it looks like I have to scrap everything and start over.

Maybe you can wait till they add the feature if that is a problem.

A feature to sync back playlists from the internal drive. I’m not aware if there is a feature request for that yet.

The only challenge I envisage will be how does Engine prime deal with when someone adds tracks with another computer to the same SSD.

Eg say you sync over 10 tracks to that drive with computer (A)

Then you go over to your mates and Sync another 5 new tracks from his own computer (B) to the drive.

Now you go ahead when gigging to create a new playlist combining tracks from both syncs. Playlist A + B

You obviously don’t have the 5 tracks from your mate in your laptop, what happens then?

Will Engine prime just create a playlist with only your own tracks in your collection?

Another feature that may help if there was a migration assistant in Engine Prime. I wonder how people deal with upgrading or changing their laptops.

I think what I will actually do is put the SSD back into the SC6000. Then erase everything in Engine and use the SC6000 to manage my library. Engine will only be used as a conduit, like you do.

I wanted to use the SC6000 anyway as it feels more natural to me when I am categorising tracks and doing playlists.

The downside is that I will have to manually back up the SSD, but thats not the end of the world as long as I remember!

I see a problem with this already :sweat_smile:

How do you intend to add new tracks to the SSD

Via Engine. I will have to add a new temporary create in Engine with tracks in it (called “inbox”). Then sync “inbox” to the SC6000 (in computer mode). From the SC6000 I will move the tracks out of “inbox” and into my nested organised crates. Then delete “inbox” from the SC6000.

I’ll repeat the above process each time I add in a new batch of tracks.

I believe you will encounter problems that way. Its not moving the track from the ‘Inbox’ - its just adding a link to that track in a playlist… (as far as I Remember - not at my gear atm)

That way you can add same track to several playlists. Your way you could only add a track to 1 playlist, and would need to import same track again if you want in other playlist.

You should do yourself a favour and sit down and learn to use Engine Prime… Its not that different from other systems. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you misunderstand me. I know that tracks don’t physically live in a crate or playlist.

The “inbox” is just a list of tracks that I listen to, categorise, add hot cues, loops, add to crates & playlists etc. Its more like a “to do” list. Once I have sorted the tracks, I delete them from the inbox so I know they are ready to play out.

I find it suits me better to organise my music on the gear that I play with rather than a laptop. That (for me) was one of selling points of the SC6000/5000 system was that you are less tied to a laptop.

Ok, as far as I Remember its like this.

Say you add a crate in Collection, called Inbox (your To-Do list)

Then you prep the track and add it to a playlist or 2.

The moment you delete that track from your Inbox (from your SC6000), the path to that track is broken, and WONT be playable from the selected playlist - because adding a track to a playlist from a folder in the Collection only makes a path to that specific track. It doesnt move/ copy that track.

@Reese - can you confirm or is it me that is way off? :joy:

Cant remember if its removing track from Crate or full remove from drive.