SoundCloud DJ

Unlimited offline storage

Now we talking

None of that beatport/beatsource 50 tracks nonsense

Competition is great :blush:

Offline storage is also offered by the cheaper Soundcloud Go and Go+ accounts. Only thing is the DJ software that has those services doesn’t allow the offline part.

Also worth noting is that all of these Soundcloud services are for personal use only, so not much use to gigging DJs.

As you can only use the services at home, there’s not much point in having offline storage IMO, so why pay more for it?

Too bad SoundCloud contains lots of non-usable “tracks”.

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Every commercial music medium is for “personal use” even physical music formats eg CD, Vinyl, Cassettes, VHS, Betamax, Catridges etc

So can we not bring this up again and again.

There is a difference (as I’m sure I’ve mentioned here before).

CD, vinyl etc. states that unauthorized public performance (etc) is not permitted. So if you have the authorization, you have permission. That’s why the word is included.

Soundcloud (etc) don’t include the unauthorized statement. They just say no. Period.

Big difference.

Just to confirm this. From the SoundCloud DJ FAQ page

"Can I DJ with SoundCloud DJ at the club?

No, please reference our full guidelines here"

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You are half right and half wrong. All what you are saying is relative. The cds I bought also came with the licence. In Canada :canada:



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Is a wedding gig a private use?

If you look close at the labels you’ll see it’s Canadian print and manufactured. With different parameters than that of the same cds made in the the USA.

A wedding gig is not “personal use”.

Actually looking at other cds from other places the only restriction is for unauthorized duplication.

In my country if you have the original CD/vinyl you can dj without a licence however this does not apply to broadcasting. If you have any kind of storage media with copies of music you have to licence each piece of storage media regardless if you got the songs legit or not. :joy:

The other crap has to do with permits

Soundcloud is no competition for Beatport or Traxsource - its not the same thing, right?

What if personal use just plainly means it is you personally using it?

SoundCloud is more of a place for anyone to upload their music, rather than somewhere that has a catalogue of well know artists from major labels.

So you tend to get relatively unknown artists who are looking for success, or DJs making their own mixes or remixes and using it to promote themselves.

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Yes of course, that’s what it means. Is it likely that you will be the only person at the wedding?

How bout if I’m the only one in the middle of the woods would anybody hear the beat when it drops? :laughing:. Would it make a sound?

That depends how loud your PA system is.

SoundCloud seems popular and easy to access. I’ve been looking hard at Mixcloud.

Same old debate. Music playback is not policed in the UK at any rate, so terms and conditions are a moot point. Until enforced they are pointless.

Mixcloud isn’t for single tracks - its for mixes, as far as I can tell (hence the name).

Anyone use Bandcamp? Thats the next big thing, i think.

There may not be any police around when you break the speed limit on the motorway, but that doesn’t give you permission to do it!