[Solved] Connect booth outputs (balanced) to unbalanced inputs?

Hi all,

I would like to connect the booth outputs from my Prime Go (which are 2 jacks TRS, balanced) to the inputs (2 jacks) of a Novation Circuit Rhythm, that I want to use for sampling.

However, I am not sure if I use 2 cables male-male jack TRS will be the correct way to go because if the female connection in the Circuit Rhythm is TS then what happens with the “Ring” Signal? Will be kept floating or grounded? Has this any impedance issues?

Any suggestions on how to connect this devices?

My advice would be to just use normal unbalanced jack-to-jack cables - should be fine.

But by doing this I would be connecting the ground with the ring signal in the Prime Go output, is this safe?

Where did you get the idea that the booth jacks are balanced? I’ve just checked the manual and it doesn’t say they’re balanced.

Even if they were, it shouldn’t be an issue to use standard jacks.

This is safe and widely practised on stage…

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It’s in the manual: 2 1/4” (6.35 mm) outputs (booth left/right, balanced)

Yes, but I think that’s an error. They missed an “un”.

Earlier in the manual it says to use standard 1/4" cables for the booth outputs, and no mention is made of balanced.

Also just prior to the part you quote, the booth outputs listed under “analog output” make no mention of being balanced.

Balanced TRS are standard.

On what? Whichever way you look at it, the Denon manual has errors.

If the booth outs ARE balanced, why does the manual not mention this when describing those outputs? Instead it states to use standard 1/4" cables.

I’ve just had a look at the internal photos from the FCC site, and they do show stereo jacks. Whether they’re balanced or not is questionable as the manual isn’t clear.

If the booth out was unbalanced it would be rca. I don’t own a prime go to check but if you do, just use a multimeter.

The manual (and images I have seen from the official DenonDJ website) state that the Booth outs are balanced. So, using standard TRS 1/4" jacks (a TRS jack can be used with a stereo signal, OR with a mono balanced, hence the 2 jacks).

In this case, what would be the correct way to connect to an unbalanced inputs?

So here is the answer to how to connect balanced and unbalanced jacks:

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Just to be clear 1/4" TRS does not mean stereo, it’s the same signal delivered down 2 leads with one out of phase. On the other end, anything that doesn’t cancel out gets sent to ground. Balanced cables help with any interference introduced to the signal while moving from one piece of gear to another. Technically, you should use a 1/4" TRS to 1/4" TS cable but using a TRS to TRS cable will work.

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Not necessarily. Where is that written?

The Denon manual (for the Go) is unclear whether the booth outs are balanced or not. In most descriptions it doesn’t mention the word balanced or that they’re TRS. The word only appears once, in the tech spec that was quoted earlier.

I just also checked the X1850 manual and that too is unclear. Although it does say the X1850 booth jacks are TRS, it doesn’t state that they’re balanced. It too says to use standard 1/4" cables.

Basically if these jacks ARE balanced (any product), then it needs to be made clearer in the manuals.

First answer still stands regardless. Use mono cables.

By using this solution I would be bridging the Ring signal with the ground, which agrees with the image provided by @NoiseRiser

Sooo thanks I think this is the solution that I was asking for!!

Many thanks to you all! :slight_smile:

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If it’s TRS, it’s balanced. I’ve never seen a master or booth out that was XLR or 1/4" that wasn’t balanced. Send/returns? Yes

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But the Go manual does not say they’re TRS! It certainly looks like they are from the FCC photos, but nothing in the manual to make that clear to the user.

But it says they are balanced, so they have to be TRS (which is the standard btw)

I concur that that the way it’s stated is confusing but you have to go by what is stated in the tech specs at the end of the manual. That should be accurate. If you’re in doubt just use a multimeter on the booth out jacks or a TRS cable plugged into them.

In only one place (connections), just below another part (analog output) which DOESN’T say they’re balanced.

Also earlier in the manual (item 6 on page 23) no mention of TRS or balanced.

So - two out of three mentions that don’t say anything about them being balanced.

None of the manuals could be described as “accurate” regarding this. The X1850 manual only mentions TRS, but nothing about them being balanced. It’s a mess.