SC6000M "stress test" by GetInTheMix

Some interesting discoveries.

SC6000 detects a 8TB external harddrive. On the M the platter will stop spinning after reinserting the power cable within 5 seconds. You can use the SC without a mixer to mix between two tracks using dual layer.

Someone needs to copy the video.

Last time Get in the mix released a video, it showed that the 6000 beat the pioneer 3000 in every test - then a day later, I’m guessing after puoneer threatened bad trade price discounts or no favouritism when stocks even got low, and the video disappeared into unicorn mist.

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background mallets

Will it blend?

They like the M version I see.

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We were a bit disappointed to see their previous video pulled down as well. :frowning:


I wasn’t wondering if they were going to smash stuff with the mallets, rather wondering if the CDJ-3000 jog touch is still mechanical or is it pressure film? Because it seems kinda dumb to stick stuff on top of those platters. Not a great idea putting heavy stuff on any platter, but definitely not on the old CDJ platters.

I bet get-in-the-mix have still got the original video

Someone else just a need to leak it. There’s plenty of ways of ripping a video from online and then distributing the ripped version, even without the original video-creator doing it /-)

I don’t know about you guys but this video was hard to sit through lol

Don’t worry, it won’t be up long. Pioneer will cancel dealers Ibiza holidays if there’s anything pro-denon in a video. Lol

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At 14:15 in the video I think they gave a hint at what might of caused their other video to be taken down.

There might be some stipulations on review units.

The video was pulled because they made a mistake in the test which resulted in unfairly bashing the CDJ. The CDJ is in fact still capable of browsing, “analyzing” and playing thumb drives that have not been prepared in rekordbox.

A simple clarification on GetInTheMix’s side would have stopped the rumors and made them look better.

CDJ3000 can only read the data from the Rekrodbox analysis files, not analyse the track on it’s own. It was also mentioned on Pioneers forum. The guy was asking for onboard analysis, and was told, that this is not possible on the cdj 3000. Not analysed tracks can be read and display preview waveform on the bottom, but no beat grid, key and main waveform will be displayed.

A simple pop up added at that point in the video would have sufficed.

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Hence the quotation marks. The CDJs are able to generate a waveform - that’s what I meant.

In the video, the guys were unable to load any file from an un-analyzed thumb drive. That was clearly a user error and not a hardware fault.

Here’s a bit of what I was talking about, maybe You will understand:

Question: *"The issue I (and some others) have currently, is that if there are any issues with the files exported by rekordbox, or if there is a need to play files that have not been exported from rekordbox, the current versions of all the players will refuse to do any local analysis, and the user will be stuck with no waveform at all, only an overview waveform, which only forms as the track is played at normal speed.

If there is a secret option somewhere to enable local analysis, whether that data is saved to the file or not, this would certainly be what I am looking for.*

However my understanding of the current firmware versions, is that the local analysis is effectively disabled, and the player will only retrieve the data from rekordbox or display nothing, except the overview waveform - which the player will not generate while the track is paused, making it effectively redundant as the user is only interested in the waveform ahead of the playhead, not behind it."*

Pioneer answered: "Unfortunately what you’re asking for is not currently available on Pioneer DJ players. I’d certainly appreciate hearing why you’re wanting to use CDJs but hesitant to use rekordbox to prepare the music which will be played on them."

Should have been more specific. I was talking about the overview waveform.

Still, claiming the 3000s are completely unable to read a stick with mp3s that have not been prepped in rekordbox is false and most likely the reason they pulled the video.

I am fully aware that the CDJs can’t do what the Prime hardware does.

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They forgot to use the word “presumably” with what ever they were doing. And they did make it a point.

Anyone up for strip from scratch analysis test. Cdj1000mkx vs cdj3000

This is such a classic incumbent quote, full of spin. “Why haven’t you made the leap yet to the correct way to do things?” Denon’s response: “who cares, we let you do it either way”

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You forgot that the Unanalysed mp3 read by cdj’s is not showing the overview waveform before You play the complete track. It will show You only the part that You already played. It does not analyse the track up front.