SC5000M Custom platters - let's see them!


I thought it was really cool you could add your own ‘real’ 7" vinyl to the 5000m’s. I thought it would be nice to see what vinyl people are using and to share them for some inspiration, so please send us your photos! I’ll post mine once I do that. First I need to find a drill…


I have 2 clear green 7" vinyls on way to me in post, bought on well known auction site for £6 delivered but not arrived yet unfortunately :frowning:
As soon as they arrive and are drilled & fitted I will upload some pics. I got 9" vinyls from glowtronics for my sc3900s, they also did 9"slipmats

I am struggling to find 7 inch slipmats with good designs though. I am hoping someone like the Glowtronics company bring out some soon. Juno records do some 7" slipmats but not much in the way of choice.

Perhaps Denon will do some like they did the blue vinyls for Sc3900/3700 hint hint :wink:


Green Vinyls to match the lights, Got glow in dark on the way, unfortunately my slipmats have not arrived so still black ones at the moment, will look better when replaced.