SC5000 High End Roll-off

I guess the most problematic in this discussion is the lack of Denon response. (Yes I know there has been some small statements like “we will look into it” bla bla “we pass it on to R&D”) but majority of time is totally silent. There must be sign of life, either tell NO we are not going to fix it, because its a hardware limitation. Or YES we are going to fix it in build XXXX , but this constant silence is making people even more frustrated.


Yeah , I’m with YOU. Even if the high end roll off can’t be changed, these are wicked players.

No one in front of your speakers is gonna notice anyhows

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I’d rather have them silent on the forum and hard working on updates. :wink:

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The problem of denon communication is that they are exactly the same as Native Instruments, we need to be reassured and to be heard! I asked a question to @Chloe_DENONDJ and still no answer while I was clear and precise it’s frustrating ! We just want to know if it will be taken into account in the next update or in 2019 ! And I do not understand why we would not have small updates every month on bug fixes same thing for engine software, I’m not asking the moon just a clear and precise response by Denon.


That ideal never works in the real world. Somevthings could take just a few minutes to be fixed, other things could take a team months to fix. Pushing a team or pinning them to force out half finished longer duration updates is a toxic recipe for disaster. If you want something that’s regular, get an advent calendar :calendar:

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your feedback in regards to this issue. Denon DJ’s aim is to take feedback from our customers and use this to build and improve our current equipment and future releases.

We’ve been looking into this particular matter and we are now confident we can improve the high end frequency response of the SC5000 and SC5000M players. We are hoping to get this improvement into the next release, and we are working hard to achieve this.




So many likes for this post. :clap:t2:


BEST NEWS EVER <3 1000 thank you @AIRVince


(cough) don’t just stop with the roll off (cough)

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Finally a positive answer, thanks, many thanks…


Awesome. Just awesome. Awesome. :slight_smile:


Look like the engineers just brought a extension on next firmware update release. Expect to see that firmware update about this time next year.

At least you guys are content now. A Denon rep told you, what you wanted to hear.

Show all of us your proof on that date please.

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Trolls gonna troll.

Why is it? Every member just like you, that paid good money for there gear. Same as you guys. But, if that member isn’t as giddy or if that member doesn’t become a instant overnight cheerleader. That member is called a troll.

I can’t post a word if it’s not praising Denon. Good boy Denon, you done well. Would like your belly rub boy?

Summer of 2017, I paid $7,800 for a pair of SC5000s, the X1800 and the Akai MPC X. I’m not in the praising mood. I’m not here to chear and show delight with you.

I don’t mean to derail this topic. I want the Denon engineers to put more time and energy into making the engine software better. It’s the main important of the SC5000. The software shouldn’t be the weakest link. This high end roll matter. Maybe because I’m 50 years old now, I don’t hear any fault. Like you younger guys.

So my comment before is based on waiting for the engine prime software Update and at the rate we are going, including a high end roll-off fix will delay the future firmware and software update until maybe same time next year. So ok, I guess I be a troll.


Amazing, thank you :heart:

I applied exactly the amount of effort that the ricipient warranted. Efficiency.

Perhaps a smiley behind it makes it more sarcastic.

Updates may be slow, but not THAT slow or even realistic. So troll it is then…

Heavie has a point you know…it’s still not possible to link Engine Prime with the players, no rating tracks on the players or adding controllers for first/second layer control (all features that competition has (or Denon had) a long time ago). By putting such hard to hear problems in the que for firmware updates you inevitably prolong the time needed for other updates. Heavie just wanted to say that this costed us users and we won’t know how much.

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Exactly. Nice to see someone else, is able to understand past the praise.

Speaking of praise. It’s time to sugarcoat. I love you Denon and every product you released. Keep up the good work. Much love.

That should keep me from being called out, by the troll-cops aka reach-of-rounders.

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