Sc5000 eol?

German retailers either state the product is sold out or sell it for very cheap (849€). Is the SC5000 discontinued?

I’m seeing similar prices in the UK. I’d pick up a second one, but seeing as I haven’t had a gig since March…

Am keen to see what the Denon guys say - it was only in January that we were told that the 5000 is still got life left - I certainly hope that this is still the case.

That knocked off hundreds from the second hand value too :frowning:

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That was almost a year ago now.

With the Prime OS being across the range, I don’t think that the duration of one product is as important as it used to be, in terms of its usable expectancy now. Obviously if some prime came out with standalone video output capability in the future then primes without video out wouldn’t get all the same benefits of video effects, just like a prime deck won’t benefit from mixer updates to a prime console with a mixer in it.

I think the main reason why a dealer might stop ordering or stocking the sc5000 is because the 6000 is just so similar and has that big big screen - and some people are just drawn to flashing lights and huge screens

I’m seeing a price drop to $799 for the sc5000 and $899 for the sc5000m stateside.

All that is fine and dandy as long as the devices are still supported, software wise.

As much as Denon say they will support all Prime models in reality in the longer term I can’t see it happening. Doesn’t happen in pretty much every other device supported by software. Phones, smart TVs, car infotainment … nothing is ever updated indefinitely and I don’t expect Prime hardware to be any different irrespective of what Denon promise.

That (again) is even cheaper than in Europe.

I wonder why they abandoned the 5000. I’d say it makes sense to have a more affordable media player option. And after all those firmware updates the SC5000 really beats the sh!t out of any competing media player.

For exactly the same reasons as already stated about Prime hardware being an all encompassing family, I don’t see Engine Prime disappearing anytime.

Again, a few years ago, you might have had a valid point. Years ago there were some Denon DJ products which used some software called Music Manager, some other denon dj hardware didn’t use that software - things were all a bit bitty. That’s not the case though anymore. There’s unified OS within the prime hardware and unified software in the shape of Engine Prime.

End of sale is fine - I can handle that. End of support is the bigger one, and to be honest, I cant see then pulling the plug on support for the 5000, considering the architecture of the 5000 and 6000 are similar. Certainly not for a while, at least. I think the MX8000 still has software updates, and thats been end of sale for a long while now, so I’dd expect to see a year or two of support left, before the hardware simply wont be capable of coping with the software.

This is all speculation at the moment, of course, so I for one will be waiting for an official announcement from Denon before I rush out to buy 6000’s.


They release new mobile phones in shorter intervals than most people’s mobile-contracts last. I think we need to get used to the situation, that there we always be the next generation around the corner, that will deprecate the last one. Try to see it from a different perspectice: the sc5000 was a Kick as Device the day before they announced the 6000. the Device did not change! And now it is even cheaper? I would say: yay, buy it! Even if there would come a 5001 tomorrow, it would not make the 5000 any different :slight_smile:

Buy stuff because of what you want or need and not for stuff that might not be there.


I’ve seen this before with the SC2900’s, SC3900’s and the X1600 & X1700 mixers. Honestly, I’ve bought a lot of denon gear over the years and if they bail on the SC5000 without fixing all the basic stuff that should be fixed by now, then I’m done. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…


The SC5000 will most probably go until the hardware can’t take it anymore so I wouldn’t worry too much. There is a lot of life in the SC5000s yet. Unless there is a hardware button or addition to the SC6000 that the SC55000 can’t do, I’d say take advantage if a great price and get almost all of the features.

Most things that are added to the players are software tweaks here and there and the odd incremental software feature. The SC range will take this for years to come.


Completely agree with MrWilds here. I don’t think it’s valid to compare these to mobile phones at all - they are completely different.

I’ll add to that as well. Internally there’s so little difference that the 5000’s still have a long life left. Perhaps even the same life as the 6000’s.

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So why release the 6000 if the 5000 does the job perfectly well?

Why a new iPhone or Galaxy. :sunglasses:

Yeah, I agree in that respect. New hardware comes out all the time, with very slight improvements over the previous model, in all fields. Phones, TVs, computers, cars, white goods…

Having loved the HS5500s, it was the lack of internal drive that held me back from getting the SC5000s, so I was very pleased to see it added to the feature set for the SC6000s. It was the versatility of the Prime 4 though that finally won me over. Oh and the availability of course!

A bit off topic, but how do you upload tracks to the internal drive on an SC6000 without having to remove the drive first?

You connect the SC6000 to a computer, which then sees any storage as an external drive.

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