Sampler and Hot Cue in the future

Welcome. While sitting at home, some dji polish their mixing technique. I am also thinking about new features that could appear in sc5000, sc6000 and prime 4 I mean sampler and hot cue for other songs. Long ago pioneer cdj2000nexus had 3 points A, B, C in which it was possible to set jumps to the next tracks. When connecting the console (sc5000, prime 4) to serato there is a sampler option.

These Denon machines have the potential and I think you can program the buttons to serve something more.

If I could program 10 tracks under hot cue buttons then click the hot cue button and switch me to a sampler, that would be great.

What do you think ?


Actually that was the worst thing I seen that pioneer did. Each track You needed to load hot cues manually to the very limited memory of the device, otherwise You end up jumping to another song. This was not a feature, that was the limitation of the device and it was horrible!

Samplers need a massive amount of memory to work - as well as a pretty button

A Sampler function would be easy to make for the prime 4. You’ll have plenty of memory with a terabyte hard drive in back of the unit. And you already have eight "pretty buttons"to serve as a sampler. Would be nice if Denon provided this in an upcoming firmware update.


Samplers tend to need RAM rather that hard drive storage to work though. And that’s the issue, Firmware can’t add chips

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How is that the case if it just grabs from the music that is already stored and remembers what pad you assigned it to… The prime 4 already remembers your settings so when you turn the unit off and back on it maintains those same settings. In the least it could remember what two songs you used as samples on two of the decks So when you turn the unit back on those decks will have your same sampled songs loaded.

The personal preference settings are a different thing. When you switch a prime 4 on, it doesn’t matter if it takes 10 milliseconds or 10 seconds to load your personal preferences. But only RAM type memory can “promise” to play back a sample instantly when you press a button. If the sample is on hard drive or even SSD there’s going to be a delay, some latency if you like, between when you press the button to fire the sample, and when the sample is ready to fire.

The primes load a full track into RAM memory yes, but only that track you’re playing on that deck right then. So firing a “It’s time” or “this stuff is really freasssh” sample clip from a different sound file via “sample pads” over the top of a different song isn’t going to work, not all on one deck / one layer anyway. You could use a different deck or a different layer, but you can do that anyway already.

Sampler functions need RAM which isn’t already in use for the currently loaded track.

I suppose you could have a situation like some denon CD players used to have, where you decide beforehand whether to you to sacrifice some features in favour of other features. Like on the alpha track feature on the dnd9000 and the Dns5000. On those you could have two layers with two hot starts per layer, or you could have 4 hot starts if you sacrificed a layer. But would you really want to be in a situation where you press a button to do something and a message pops on screen saying “you can’t do that right now because the x feature is selected” or “Layer B not available while samples are loaded”

Some will be ok with that, some won’t, I spose

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I already use the 2 free decks as samples…the problem is when I turn the unit off and back on it doesn’t remember and have those decks loaded with those songs. There is no reason why they couldn’t at least do that. Back in my day it was thought that one would never be able to have a PC beat mix music on it’s own yet today it is done. So the technology exists…just a matter of utualizing it.

So maybe instead of asking for something that probably can’t be done if there’s no spare RAM in the prime 4, maybe you should ask for a way of marking particular songs as “auto load” to layer b of each deck during power up.

As this only saves a few seconds, once, per power up, I’m not sure how many likes such a niche idea would get though. After all it only takes seconds to find and load a track with 8 hot cues set

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It would help out a lot because seconds turn into hours over a period of time turning off and on the unit. I would argue the technology exists to assign a sample from your hard drive… just needs someone to implement it.

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Track Loading Hotcues would be nice … But how should that be implemented ?

Therefore you must have a “CUE Link” to another Track - I think it can only be done in the Engine Prime Software, where you can prep the songs. So that the CUE to the Track also gets the ID to the next Track, you would like to Cue in that possition.

That can make mixes very fast (because you don´t need to search for your next track …)

Nice idea … I Like it

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It’s highly likely though, that any DJ fitting a “hard drive” to a Prime unit would choose SSD, which is not that far removed from RAM (i.e. solid state).

Yes I’m sure it could also be done through the software as virtual DJ has a sampler function that is very easy and simple to use with unlimited sample capability.

… which uses the computers RAM

It could also use the RAM on the prime 4 as that is a computer as well

I feel that if there was enough ram in the prime for a sampler, which needs a massive amount of ram, they’d have dropped a sampler in it already

Oooooh well … fingers crossed for you and I’ll drop a coin in the next wishing well I see too.

Haha… Don’t need a wishing well just someone to implement this feature in a future update.

The two are most likely co-dependants

Sounds like an AA meeting

RAM, SSD - not much difference (see earlier post).