Problems with the sweep FX section input after update 1.2

Best Denon,

The Sweep FX section of my mixer is totally broken after the 1.2 update and it does kill the track completely instead of using the sweep effects.
. Can you help me fix this? Cause I feel like my mixer is broken since the update?



Hey there @wezzy-k, thanks you for posting! Which Sweep FX were you trying to use when you noticed an issue?

Weird. Works on mine.

All 4 working also.

The Gate one. Then tried all other ones and it just doesn’t work. It kilss the track, and when it works it kills part of the track that I don’t want to kill. Turn knob to the left it sort of works. Turn the knob to the right, no music at all on all 4 of the sweep effects. This does not seem normal to me. Since before the update this was not the case.

Hey @wezzy-k, thanks again for responding. The Gate sweep effect hasn’t changed in the X1800 v1.2 firmware, however, we did improve channel gain level distribution which may be negatively impacting your Gate effect if you haven’t adjusted them (channel gains) after updating. Try readjusting your gain levels while using the Gate.

That was the first thing I was looking for, but I tried to edit that in the Utility menu but it got only worse. Can you give me a manual of sorts how I should fix this? I can only find a way to edit the gate in the Microphone menu, so maybe I was in the wrong place.

You won’t be able to edit the gate Sweep effect, I am referring to the channel gain itself on the mixer.

Where can I find that?

I’m not referring to a setting in the Utility menu, I’m talking about the gray knobs above the EQ knobs on the mixer.

Well, That is exactly the problem I discribed. That is were things go wrong. That knobs is where the track does get killed by the sweep effects If I want to adjust the intensity. Turn knob to the left, only sound very very soft and no effect apllied, Turn knob to the right, sound gets killed instantly. So, This gives me a headache. It is like this after the 1.2 Update. So I cannot use the Sweep Effect knobs like I used to.

Which knobs are you talking about that’s causing the erroneous kill? You’re not saying the gain/trim knobs at the top, correct? The sweep knobs themselves are cutting the sound even on effects other than Gate? And you’re not talking about the minor deadzone issue InMusic knows about and just hasn’t tweaked yet?

Yes. On all Sweep Effects. I did not touch the line knobs or the select input knobs at the top of the mixer.

On all the sweep knobs, on all the sweep effects, in which directions of rotation is it cutting out like the gate is triggered? Does it seem like it thinks gate’s selected when it’s not? Because the only one with such an intentional sound drop out is gate.

Sorry, re-reading it and seeing you said to the right it’s killing… sure sounds like for some bizarre reason you’re getting a gate-like effect on the non-gate sweep effects on right rotation. This sum it up? Can you make a video, because nothing I do replicates that.

No, the Gate seems to be set itself off. But It can be a bug in the sweep FX section when the update was provided. Is there sone method to check if the Update had any issues while transferring into the mixer? Like hardcoded errors or something? Cause the tracks never did this before I send the update to the mixer. Also not on the Gate on the sweep FX section the track did not kill itself. Turn knob left, It behaves as a fader, turm the knob right instant kill.

So gate’s not actually doing what it’s suppose to but the other sweep effects are acting like a gate? Then you’re saying it’s like in a poor-implimentation of a DB4 rotary mode in the next sentence. Weird. Grab your phone. Make a video. Upload it to YouTube. Create a post here and edit it as a second step with the link in it. You can unlist the video if you want so as not to clutter your YouTube or something.

As I have found the gain audio chain has now changed since the firmwares updating, you may find changing to your gain knob on channel of fx sweep may make change to good effectiveness of sweep gate fx

I am testing it with headphones. What if it does it only on the headphones and not on my studio monitors? Cause then I shoot the video and nothing maybe wrong on the monitors?

If it’s headphone-only, then put your smart phone mic up to your headphones and try recording that way.

So you’re saying this is definitely happening on the right side of the cue mix knob on your headphones? I have not tried the new firmware with headphone-only mixing, which is admittedly rare for me, but I’ve been able to get loud lately a lot.

You don’t have any speakers at all? How about a laptop? You can connect the X1800 to the laptop and listen to it through the USB on channels 9/10 on the laptop’s speakers.

No, It happens on the Sweep effects not the Cue button. Cue is on Master, and not set to split cue. @LargoS can you specify that a bit more in Detail?