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Hi everyone, (maybe) after installing a new firmware update 1.3.2 I have a problem with the Delay effect (and other effects). If I turn on the effect or change the parameters, the sound will increase + 6 dB (sometimes more “db”).

And the second problem is that I don’t hear the effects in my headphones.

Thanks guys :wink:

Similar query for the first problem, but without response: Effekte / Effects


Hi @DJMorphy, I’m unable to re-create this problem so would you be able to record a private video and share here please?

thanks J

Yes, sure :slight_smile: Problem with echo effect and changing the parametres: Problem with delay effect and stopping music after push the button: And the second problem is that I don’t hear the effects in my headphones (it can’t be recorded :slight_smile: )

My colleague has the same problem, maybe he can also put a video here.

Thanks for this, I can see the master level is rising but audibly I can only hear a slight increase in volume.

I’ll pass this on to get some additional feedback.

Thanks J

Thanks @Jay_DenonDJ :slight_smile:

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When comes an Update for all effects? When push the ON Button Sound goes high and when click off then you can hear the sound will be quieter! And my Opinion that are all effects are have to less power! Hope you know what I mean?


I’ll also add my input here and say I’ve noticed a few of the FX get a little louder when hitting the on/off button or using the wet/dry knob.

It’s a few dB difference but it’s definitely noticable. I hear it on the “Ping Pong” and a few others.


I have had the same problem with some effects, that the suddenly gets louder and then a bit softer when turning on and off.


I’ve noticed the same. It did this on the pioneer XDJ RX. I believe it’s because the effect is layered on top of (ie, in addition to) the playing track thus making it louder.

I also still have issues with the timing/quantising of some of the effects in time with the music (try the Auto Gate at 1/4 beat to get the choppy effect). it doesn’t accurately quantise on the beat.

I also have a random volume fluctuation in the Echo effect. I tried to demonstrate here:

It also happens on other “feedback” effects such as Delay and Ping Pong. It seems like it has a limiter that eliminates some of the feedback instantaneously.

This renders all these effects useless :confused: Hope it can be fixed. I cannot be 100% sure that this is happening only after 1.3.2 but I heard some recorded sets with 1.3.1 and this was not happening.

Hey @JONESYdj, thanks for posting. We will check out the video you posted and get back to you.

Thanks again.

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I will be happy to demonstrate it with more detail. I just picked a loop just so I wouldn’t get a YouTube copyright strike but I can make it much more noticeable with other songs.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I noticed this too. When the effect is more Dry, there is no issue. But on breakpoint Wet/Dry it gets louder and softer on and off. I just keep them more to the Dry side to prevent, but it should be solved i think.


Another thing; Why does the PARAM button kills all sound at Hall Echo and Reverb?

Question… when you change effects from one to the next why do all the parameters go back to defualt? I would think that I should be able to set them up the way I want them and just switch between effects no? If I’m missing something please let me know.

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Hi Jay… I recorded a comparison of echo efx to Prime4 (1.3.2) and X1800prime. Previously in prime4 (v1.3.1), echo efx was much better. Now it seems as if the middle and higher frequencies are too compressed. In addition, there is a audible fluctuation of medium and high frequencies when the echo effect is activated… Here’s the link to the recordings comparison:

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thank you - we’ll take a listen

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When I hear my set after mixing… Sometimes it goes silent and then more louder then before. Yeah it’s definitely a effect problem. But also when not an effect is running, you can hear some not so nice different volume while my set hearing. Sry for my not perfect English. :slight_smile:

PS. I let it run through an Levellator 2.0 for excample…after then the sound is more pushed, but the volume decreseas nevertheless sometimes. It will be suddenly louder and after the louder Sound, it will be quieter, that’s really annoying! The Denon DJ P 4 needs more Stability while Mixing! Hope really for next Update to change fix that problem!

Hi. One more Information. When i ativated the effect Pan i caNT anything hear when i hear my set after mixing. alos some other effects. you cant hear or less hear, when hearing your own set after mixing

Am i the only one who experience this??

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