Only problems with engine 2.0 in sc6000, DENON can test things before launching the version?

It is incomprehensible that coming from version 1.6.2 which is stable, release version 2.0 and let’s go a step back.

ok, lots of new things, but all of the above? now I have very bad experience, it works very badly.

  1. the waveform is not synchronized betwenn layers… only in the center line. (in view dual layer)

  2. tracks load much slower

  3. The system shows that it is more loaded, when you make several rapid track changes it saturates and takes time to respond. and all my files are MP3…

  4. The instant doubles takes eternity to output the waveform.

  5. the prepare list now lost if you turn off the unit and previously in 1.6.2 stored it.

  6. the loading of the track list between 2 sc6000 with a ssd unit is very very very slow, in the unit that is installed it is correct but between units very slow.

  7. there is a lot of lag when browsing a long playlist

  8. search results take much longer to display

This happens to me on both of my sc6000 units… and all all this in 1.6.2 did not happen to me.

I definitely go back to 1.6.2, I hope I don’t run into many problems with my database…

EDIT: I forgot to talk about pc software, which is also has a few bugs, but that’s another story …


I spoke with a friend earlier, and he reckons there is a memory leak.


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Denon takes his customers for beta testers. It’s simply scandalous. I finish this year with the P4 and I’ll throw it on eBay for returning to something really pro. I don’t give a ■■■■ of Philips hue and all that mess ! And I don’t wanna loose years waiting for so-called devs to fix bugs that souldn’t exist at this level of marketing and hardware price !


I also had noticed most of these issues and rolled back to 1.6.2 you need to put the old engine prime desktop software back and format the sc6000 drive SD card. Crates and playlists were ok and wasn’t too much work.

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Thanks for info, and hot cues? i need re-analice again?

Yeah it did re-analyze all the songs, Hotcues came back but I set most in Serato Pro so you may have different results. maybe keep the media with upgraded database as a backup.

Maybe you don’t need to reformat the media. I just found the internal SSD that didnt show up last night now working. I asumed it was due to updated the database not being compatible with 1.6.2.

Update- they are not analyzed and slow to load.

i found a backups on 1.6.2, and only analyze a few songs… ty all!!

The old database is still there and hasn’t been deleted or altered by 2.0. Install 1.6 and everything should be okay.

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Updated last night. REALLY not impressed. Seems really buggy and when you change pitch have you noticed how the waveform now zooms in and out looks like it stutters and glitches. The track waveform at the bottom of the screen is WAY to big look Horrendous.

What have Denon done…

@FRANTIC Explanation or observation:

What we see in 2.0 is this: a slower track in sync with a faster track needs to go faster past the play head. Sort of a parallax effect. In older versions the grid is expanded or contracted and therefore the same as the other track.

It is confirmed here by dev: [Confirmed] V2.0 - Waveforms only sync on white centre line - #5 by AIRVince

So it’s intentional then. Reese.

Any idea on the bottom waveform being so big with the new update. It looks awful.

yes su-cks!!

I just got back to 1.6.2, wonderful …

I had to recover a backup, because the previous database analyzed the tracks when I loaded them, thank goodness I made a copy before updating to 2.0

I do not update more …

The “parallax” shouldn’t happen. As for layout changes, I have no info on that.

Just out of curiosity, did you get any sort of heads up that all these changes were being made or dropped rather this week? …

… Or was this onslaught of changes and bugs just dropped onto the forum staff at the same time as the regular community members?

DJ Engine 2.0 is a major release, and these kinds of releases always come with some problems. That is the nature of software development and not specific to Denon.

If stability is your top priority, you should never immediately update to a major version; just wait for v2.01 or v2.02. We are all beta testers, in a sense. :slight_smile:

I notice that many people have been demanding major software updates from Denon for a long time, so I guess you can’t please everyone. :man_shrugging:


View button is now not working after putting the old firmware back.


And the size of the bottom waveform is a question of personal taste.

I like it. Another one don’t likes it. You can never please everyone. That’s life.


I used 6000m (2.0) and S11 last night at a 4 hour bar gig with

  • 500gb SSD loaded with about 200gb of music

  • 3 streaming services - tidal, beatsource and Beatport link

  • a splash of serato

  • Soundswitch desktop with a 4bar fixture

  • A lot of toggling between all the above

Performed with no issues

Not trying to invalidate anyone’s feelings just sharing my own perspective.


All depends on one’s setup and scenario, I suppose.

The problem is Denon should be releasing public BETA’s, so problems can be addressed before a proper release is made.

Not doing so is the problem here in my opinion

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In my opinion it doesn’t matter whether any testing is public or private - as long as it’s being tested.

If there’s a issue at all, it’s with Denon’s decision to release when testers are still finding bugs.

Possibly this was due to dates being set for e.g. the Beatport stream with Sebastien Leger.