Official Virtual DJ Compatibility is Here!

Hi Everyone,

We are proud to announce official controller integration with Virtual DJ’s desktop software. The integration features full-color moving waveforms, familiar touch screen gestures, OLED FX feedback, a multi-view interface and more. The unique Virtual DJ desktop experience is now controllable with Engine OS 1.5.1 and VirtualDJ 2021 (build 6067) on selected Denon DJ products.

Let us know what you think of the integration!

Compatible Engine OS Products: PRIME 2, PRIME 4, SC5000, SC5000M, SC6000, SC6000M

Here are the Virtual DJ software manuals in case you need them.

If you experience deck swapping issues with multiple SC5000 or SC6000 players, be sure to follow the steps listed below. Virtual DJ will be improving the handling of multiple devices in a forthcoming update.

  1. Power on the first Media Player.
  2. On the Media Player, press the SOURCE button and then tap computer the icon.
  3. Once in computer mode, connect both Media Players to your computer via USB.
  4. Launch Virtual DJ. It is important that Virtual DJ is not open prior to connecting the Media Players.
  5. On the Media Player displays, select deck A and B respectively.

It’s a bit like now having a cycle rack for VDJ on the back of your Porsche lol

A very versatile bicycle though.


I think you’ll find many people will leave the Engine side alone and use the players exclusively with VDJ.

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We make the tools for DJ’s to use as they see fit. Everyone has their personal preference.


Lovely news. I’m jealous (the proper integration vs Serato :grimacing:)

I hope there is enough Prime 4 and 2 stock ready to ship.

All the mobiles and video jocks are gonna love this.

Now to slowly suck them into the Engine eco system…Virtual DJ database import support :grimacing:


The standalone usage is very good though. I am eagerly awaiting my first opportunity to use the Prime 4 live sans PC.

Yes, you can actually search from the Prime 4. :smiley:

Yes please Denon.

I do not use VDJ, but this is awesome! The community is motivating Denon. Crazy!!


I disagree. Starting to love the Engine Prime ecosystem.


Some might… but a lot of us bought the prime series to ditch the laptop so my guess is the majority will stick to Engine.

Either way, the integration looks good.


There is nothing wrong with that.

There is a boat load of potential customers out there. Working DJs, Pubs, Karaoke, VJs, Wedding DJs all still using their MC6000 happily with Virtual DJ.

They will not be switching to some new Software, because their livelihoods depends on it. Virtual DJ has served them for years.

Many of them tried Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox and always went back to VDJ.

This way they are comfortable with what’s familiar VDJ, plus they buy a new Prime4 or 2.

And I trust they will bring their MC6000 as back up.


I know I did, having the option is powerful though. I love using Engine. I came from Serato, love it because I can organize well.

Cool, I don’t personally use/like VDJ, but this is great news for some. Congrats to the team!!!


Dang, really showing off what that big screen can do. Kind of puts the regular interface to shame! Need all that extra data and control on the Prime interface now :slight_smile:

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If only it would work with the last version of VDJ 7… :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that it’s absolutely necessary, obviously, but do any of the Prime standalone media players (without built-in mixer sections) have operable USB sound card modes (ASIO, CoreAudio, etc) yet when set as MIDI/HID controllers?

No, which is puzzling to me.

Not everyone owning an SC player will be using a mixer with USB audio, so not having the ability to output the DJ software audio via the players is jolly inconvenient (not what I was going to write but it got blanked out).

I was part of the beta testing for the Prime 2 with Vdj and unless they have made drastic changes ill be sticking to the standalone prime but as always Denon delivers again giving us the option and as Jay says everyone has there own preference

What was wrong with the integration then, in your opinion? Did you feed your views back to Atomix?