No mixer connection with 2 SC5000

Hi guys, I have a problem that I can not solve. When I got the X1800 mixer, I started working to connect the 2 SC5000s. Connected as per manual, the ENGINE key never connects automatically, the light does not activate. Tried several times. If I put in manual and hold the key, nothing happens … when the setting of the 2 SC5000 should appear on the display I also tried to reset the mixer a couple of times. What can I do? Thank you

What are the exact firmware version numbers in the mixer and on -each- of the two SC5000’s please?

I have NOT here with me, but I have always updated with the latest firmware I seem to remember: 1.0.3 for SC5000 1.1.1 for X1800

Have you tried looking at the settings?

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I’m trying all the possibilities, but nothing done. I tried in manual but nothing happens holding the button. Sometimes when the mixer is restarted, if I press the button it will not light up either. Is there anyone who can give me precise directions to try?

moreover I can say that before connecting the 4 channels, I had channel 1 and 4 with SC5000, and channel 2 and 3 with 2 technics 1210 With that configuration the Engine key automatically turned on and worked. Now removed the 2 turntables and changed the order of the channels and put as per manual, the Engine key does not seem to work anymore.

Okay this is tough to troubleshoot remotely, but you have set it to auto in Utility>System>EngineConnect, right?

Also, if you press the button it should go on/off. If you hold it for a few seconds, the SC’s should display the player numbers assigned.

Are you also sure about the ethernet connection done right? Kind of cable, correct ports used in the mixer etc.

Then again, if you tried ev-er-y-thing, who are we to solve this!? :wink:

I wrote here because it is the most suitable place … then on the fact that I tried, I think, all the solutions … it could be that I lose something I have not seen and you can give me the solution. Maybe the same thing happened to someone else and can give me some advice … right?

Now I ask you … if the 2 network cables are in slot 1e2, can I connect the players in the 4 channels I want in the right mixer? I do not think it must follow, the order indicated in the manual … is it correct?

I don’t know how you want to layout out the channels. So it could be the ethernet. The different options are shown in the manual. Inputs and ethernet hookup must be done right, because otherwise faderstart and other EngineConnect info go to the wrong channel than were you want have the audio.

For instance: I have my left SC layers A+B on channels 1+3 and my right SC layers A+B on channels 2+4. I connected the left SC to ethernet 1 and the right SC on ethernet 3 (like it stated in the manual).

I also could be that the mixer is simply defective and there is no more things to try. Mine had no analog inputs or DVS after a while and got replaced.

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did you put the right SC ethernet cable on slot 3? in theory, as the manual says you had to put it in slot 2 … or am I wrong?

I use ch1-2-3-4 to be AABB, so had to change it up anyway, but ethernet2 switches the channel layout to BA and I do not want that. I cannot check now, but I thought it’s linked to eth1+3 now.

Default an SC will be numbered 1+2 for layers AB. When connected to the X1800 ethernet 1 it will connect as channel1+2.

When connecting the second SC to ethernet 3 it will become channel 3+4 for layers AB.

I changed the player numbers on the left SC to 1+3 and the right SC to numbers 2+4. So it became AABB. :wink:

I now have this configuration of yours, but I’ve set the ethernet cable on slots 1 and 2. Tonight I try to move it, let’s see what happens. Now I opened a ticket with the support, we see that they tell me. In the meantime, thank you.

I edited my post to tell a bit more background. :slight_smile:

Hi, do you have any suggestions for me?

I have to reset that section in Utility, turn the Engine Connect button off, then hold it or hit it again and then hold it. Eventually the assignment selection on the players pops up. Still no go for you?

the problem is that even if you reset the mixer, the Engine button does not turn on automatically or even manually. It seems disabled or not working. But I must say that when I connected the mixer as soon as it arrived, the Engine key worked … now it has stopped and I do not know why.

Did you try my options/setup/suggestions?

After you reset it or set it to auto, turn that button off, then on, then hold it until the selection stuff pops up on the SC5000s. That doesn’t happen?

yes I tried, thanks for the suggestion … I also tried this combination of yours, but it does not change anything.

Maybe it helps to upload some pictures of the way things are connected (including at the back of the mixer?).

I tried to reset it, put it on automatically, turn it off and on again. On at least 10 tests, for once, the Engine key was magically turned on and everything worked, even at your fingertips. After trying it I turned off the whole system. When after half an hour I went to turn it on again, here the Engine key does not turn on and it returns a does not work as it should. I’m not really honest … I’m wrong or is it faulty? I contacted Denon support, they replied that in 48/72 it was answered, but it’s been a week now and no answer.