No mixer connection with 2 SC5000


Whats your power up sequence for the decks and mixer? Both decks powered up first… then the mixer powering up ?


the SC of the left (number 1) is connected to channel 1 of the mixer - the ethernet cable on slot 1 of the mixer the SC of right (number 2) is connected to channel 2 of the mixer - the ethernet cable on slot 2 of the mixer

stop nothing else, if I can load a photo.


Sorry, I meant, which unit do you give electrical power to first, second and third ?

You should let both SC5000 players power up first…

…then power on the X1800 mixer.


first I always turn on 2 SC and then the mixer


What happened when you connected the right player to ethernet 3 and the audio of that player’s layer A+B to ch3+4?


I never do that. Mixer first and then the players. It’s better to have the switch in the X1800 active before the players.


the manual recites the opposite, however … for the other question … nothing happens


I have to turn off the engine button, then on, then hold that button after every power up when the whole system is finally running. It’s a little annoying it has to be redone, but it’s not that big a deal to me. Is that intermittently and unpredictably not working for you?


You keep reciting the manual. You’re probably still looking at the example diagram.

One page further you’ll find this:

I never ever have to press a button when powering everything up. Only the FX are default off.


Excuse me … I do not understand, does it mean that it happens to you that is not active automatically? Paradoxically, I tried to turn on the mixer first and then the two SC5000 and magically everything was activated !! Engine key turned on and everything worked fine. Off and tried again for 4 more times … nothing to do, the key did not light up anymore. In some cases even by pressing it on purpose. Mahh …


That’s the normal, yes. Sometimes there is a few seconds before the Engine Connect light illuminates and the Cue buttons change colour, both signifying a successful connection.


Yes I know this well … but you will also have read that: 1 - the console ignition procedure is NOT correct. 2 - The connection happened only once by chance … in the following tests, the Engine connection did not happen anymore.

sorry … can you tell me if the official assistance answers sooner or later or if it does not answer? they seem very slow …


If your mixer serial number ends 2 _ _ 2 and the enquiry was from D_ _ s T _ _ _ _ _ _ i then the the Tech Support team successfully received your enquiry on Tuesday (yesterday) and will be responding within the advertised 72 hours. Thanks


yeessss … sent April 24, however, not yesterday. :slight_smile: Anyway … we hope to solve this thing. I’m sure that somehow it will be solved. In the meantime, after tomorrow, I’m going to do a test with another console in the store where I bought them. Of course I am also in touch with Italian assistance, but at the moment they are waiting for me to do this test. I will keep you updated as soon as possible. Thanks


I didn’t know about the automatic detection and default layout patterns. I had deck 1 connected to the ethernet port labeled “PC”. That might explain why I had to assign it manually. However, assigning it manually wasn’t a big deal for me. Doesn’t take long and had nothing to do with the order of starting anything.


Update… The other day I was in the store to do a cross test with another console, just for a final check. The result was negative. My mixer connected to other 2 SC5000 gave no sign of life regarding the Engine connection. Finally, after 15 days, Denon’s assistance has been answered, where he claims that there may be a problem with my network card and sending it to service. They are still in contact. I sent them a video, let’s see what they think. Well … I’ll have to stay a while without my mixer, hopefully they’ll do soon.


I’m sorry for resuming old threads, but it seems that I have the same problem, and if I understand the only way to solve this issue is returning the mixer to the shop, right? that’s a ■■■■■■… two sc5000m with the x1800 bought yesterday, you can immagine by yourself as unpleasant is returning the most expensive piece after one day of use… Or maybe there is another way? Anyway will be better return it because I think there is some issue with the grounding too… it remember me a little bit the mc909, with those little electric shocks here and there, nothing intense, but a pain in the arse anyway. and you can hear that permanent noise from the headphones, even with no tracks loaded and all the faders and volume knobs down to -inf db, just like not grounded things… well, at least I survived the screen freezes with the mcx8000. heh…


That what warranty to for. Just do that