NAMM 2021 cancelled

Just seen this -

Namm 2021 cancelled

I wonder how the new kit will be shown if the show is cancelled. It’s usually the time where all the new kit is first shown to the public. I would imagine we’re all waiting for the new SC6000 second controller to be reloased - I wonder how it will be done if NAMM is no longer an option.

With the news of some vaccines being over 90% effective, I would imagine everyone is going to want to see if NAMM will be rescheduled or not. If that doesn’t happen, I would guess live streams after a social media reveal. what a year…

What a year indeed!!!

I think a live stream would actually be better for most of us who are unable to attend personally.

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Ya I have never been so I personally would love to see it broadcasted.

Agreed. Streaming would be excellent. I’m sure even with mass coverage of the normal NAMM, some things get missed. Being able to go on a site and watch individual presentations would be saweeet.

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I think denon will produce it’s own online namm. Here is what denon has to say about what’s coming (it’s not specific to namm). If anybody is interested check this out. I predicting an adhoc online namm this year lol.

I can easily infer that Denon is working on content creation tools for it’s users.

Typical Denon DJ though. The word “soon” was used twice, and here we are over a month later - still waiting for the slightest hint/peek/anything.

I don’t know about anyone else, but if I use the word “soon”, I’d be talking days…a week at the most. :man_shrugging:

It might be reserved for ad-hoc namm who knows. But I can tell you for sure that the wheels for live-streaming tools are in motion but how it will look like at the end I have no clue.

Sadly for many of the gear shows. These live streams, from the “you heard it first from me” type reviewers and vloggers, running around exhibition halls and convention centers, with live camera phone streams, like some kind of demented January sales shoppers have probably given many people all the highlights of a conventions gear releases and killed ticket sales. Why spend hours of travel time, and turning down gigs to be able to attend conventions, pay for motel accom, when you can get all the gear scoops, in 30 minutes. Bonus: And not get charged €20 for a luke warm panini and €10 for a consession stand coffee

Add covid to the mix and we might have seen the peak, and now the demise of such events.

I was every year on the musicmesse in Germany, BPM show in UK and some other shows in Netherlands, Poland… There is nothing better than checking the gear on Your own. This is how I got my self in to Primes. In Amsterdam there was a workshop where they first showed the Prime series and I played with it, and I liked it. Then I found those decks on other shows and compared to cdj’s. The shows helped me to make the decision to switch from nexus to primes.

There’s the social side too - don’t get that with live feeds.

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This is the main thing, IMO. It’s worth the travel, the hotels and the expensive refreshments, to meet up with all the other like minded people.

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Yes, for some they will benefit from the networking with others. Some won’t. There’s that variety in almost any set or subset of people.

The hands-on is also something that’s important, as mentioned above. I would buy lights without touchy-feely, and lighting stands etc but not speakers, mixers or decks as they’re all very tactile.

But again, people variety, some will just buy from a web picture, some won’t

I would love to see how companies adapt to the new realities upon us now. Normally we could have a variety of different ways to socialize and market but nothing is normal now.

They way people can socialize has been significantly narrowed so a narrowed approach must be taken.

90% effective? As a result of actual challenge tests?

I don’t know bud, it was all over the news the other day. I don’t care nor am sitting around waiting for a vaccine to be honest LOL

I am paying attention because in all the prior SARS-1 and MERS vaccines that they said were initially effective, they turned out to make the monkeys worse when actually challenged with the virus… the so-called immunological cascade, which is why after many many years still none of those were ever brought to market. So they have to actually expose people to the real virus finally to know for sure it’s safe and truly effective, not this gibberish ‘it created an immune response in them’ stuff. We do have new gene vaccine tech, though, that’s been used for a few expensive designer flu vaccines that can be made very fast, so it’s possible some of these new ones actually do work.

I don’t doubt what you are suggesting at all.

Looks like Namm 2021 virtual olympics are getting off to a good start relative to the world order of things.

Anybody heard of what Stanton is up to lately?

Stanton got bought by inMusic recently. Hard to say if they do anything at all now…