NAMM 2021 cancelled

Just seen this -

Namm 2021 cancelled

I wonder how the new kit will be shown if the show is cancelled. It’s usually the time where all the new kit is first shown to the public. I would imagine we’re all waiting for the new SC6000 second controller to be reloased - I wonder how it will be done if NAMM is no longer an option.

With the news of some vaccines being over 90% effective, I would imagine everyone is going to want to see if NAMM will be rescheduled or not. If that doesn’t happen, I would guess live streams after a social media reveal. what a year…

What a year indeed!!!

I think a live stream would actually be better for most of us who are unable to attend personally.

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Ya I have never been so I personally would love to see it broadcasted.

Agreed. Streaming would be excellent. I’m sure even with mass coverage of the normal NAMM, some things get missed. Being able to go on a site and watch individual presentations would be saweeet.

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