NAMM 2021 cancelled

Seems like a lot of work is happening behind the scenes right now as those in the know are preparing for announcements and releases. Things have been quiet lately from the usual suspects on this forum :joy:

Denon leaked one item and Rane also. Reloop released some pretty interesting items too.

There was a rumour that Traktor was up for bidding and A&H was the front runner so I’m wondering what came out of that.:pray:

I have a feeling that some interesting things might be coming out from companies that I wouldn’t of expected .

Don’t think there’s much point the way things are. Some of us haven’t had a gig since March and the covid restrictions could go on long enough.

After nearly a year of making no money I certainly won’t be rushing out to buy new gear any time soon. No point investing if you don’t even know there will be any work in the future. Certainly in the UK the word on the street is that nightclubs won’t open this year.

I’m mainly looking for gear that would be good for outdoor use. You can still have a working Covid compliant business. If you have good ideas and government policy permits you could do well. This year I’m working to monopolizing outdoor entertainment cause I was able to find a way.