MC7000 Firmware Update 1.2 Now Available

Hi Guys,

We just released new firmware for the MC7000. This update brings a number of utility features for advanced microphone control as well as USB level output control for recording. See full list below. Enjoy!

  • Added Hardware Settings Mode via BACK + PANEL during power up.
  • Added ability to adjust platter touch sensitivity
  • Added ability to attenuate microphones
  • Added ability to adjust microphone talk over level
  • Added ability to adjust microphone talk over resume speed
  • Added ability to adjust MIDI command transmission interval time
  • Added ability to adjust master USB audio output level

Download MC7000 Firmware v1.2

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No fair. You can’t drop an update on us on a Friday, right before the big weekend. Bank Holiday here in the UK.

Did you fix the issue of SHIFT PANEL being the same MIDI as SHIFT BROWSE PUSH?

Haha have no fear! It has been fully regressed, qualified by our QA team and used publicly by myself last night for 4+ hours. All is good! :slight_smile:

None of the control surface MIDI has changed. This update just brings the new hardware settings mode.

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Can you please explain a bit of this. Let’s say that we have a really fast PC/Laptop, if we put this value lower what do we succeed?

By the way it’s really nice to see that our equipment get’s some love from you guys. Cheers!

hello I have a mac pro with sierra and a mc 7000 I have to download the same firmware? are there any improvements for this too?

I forgot to tell you that I use Traktor

The update is for the MC7000 and can be done on both Mac and Windows computers. There are instructions on how to install in the readme.txt

I use traktor brings improvements even for traktor?

The full list of changes is posted above. If you use any of these new features, they will also work when using the controller with Traktor.

This is only useful for slower computers that are riding on the edge of meeting system requirements. Most users will never need to adjust this setting as it offers no benefit.

Thanks for the answer!

Thanks for the Update and the new features. installed it. now i wanted to go to the adv. settings but somehow i cannot get it. I did it as it says in the manual. Holding the Back + Panel Button on both Deck and Power up the Denon. Not working. what am I doing wrong???

Hold the button combo for 2 seconds during power up. If you hold the combo for the entire boot sequence the MC7000 will start normally.

Hope this helps!

Hello guys!!Can anyone post some pics or video with how it looks this setup menu after this firmware update on mc7000?I want to see how it works and if deserves to do this update.Thanks!!

When you download it, there is a little pdf inside the zip. The pdf shows you, with images, how it works. I myself was thinking how are these settings going to be changed… but it’s quite clever. Not that i’ll be changing any, it’s good that they’re there and it shows Denons continued support of this unit.

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Naughty Denon… All the default seems to have changed.

When i went to use the MIC last night… it was quiet, considerably. Multiple spin backs failed. I guess the sensitivity is touch sensitivity, not platter movement.

I’d like things as they were… Please advise.

The mic i can live with, it’s now turned up but the platters!!!

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Fairly sure there was a rollback option in the device updater. Downgrade I think it was called

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“Naughty Denon…” ?

We added new functionality to your hardware, how is this a bad thing?

The only default that changed after update was the mic attenuation to -10db. Even at this setting there is still plenty of room for additional gain without maxing out the pot.

All default values and instructions to change those values are listed in the included documentation.

Personally, prior to any update, I would educate myself on the changes to see if they beneficial to me then I would test everything prior to my event.

The mic inputs on the MC7000 and MCX8000 were super hot, so setting a default of -10 makes total sense.

Anyway, all you need to do is turn the mic knob up slightly.

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“Naughty Denon” was used in humour, no harm done, it was a funny experience. Had I known the default had changed, I’d of attacked it much more vigorously. Usually we have to turn it a few mm during an event and at the time I thought it was that. As we get used to our rough settings I was only turning it very slightly, then the shock hit, confusion. Quite like going up the stairs (or down them) and there’s that extra step (or step that isn’t there).

“I would educate myself” Yes, I was the same person above mentioning the drop on Friday, for that very reason. I did actually wait. Take this as customer feedback. A heads up, “warning! new default settings” could be in the doc.

“are listed in the included doc” Yes, i was the same person above mentioning that doc to another user, i have read it. I’m actually in praise of these upgrades, see the post before. They’re strongly welcomed by me.

Paradoxical. No need to roll back, downgrade. I don’t have a problem with the new features, I want them. My “I’d like things as they were” was a badly worded question to where I need to set the touch sensitivity to have the same as the original firmware. The new default doesn’t respond to my touch.

Kradcliffe. Yes, I welcome the mics new default. My only issue is, no mention of the defaults changing, in the log, post or instructions. Even though default is mentioned in the instruction.