knob too loose compared to the rest

Hello, I have a prime 2 and from the beginning there is one of the EQ knobs (specifically the bass one) softer than the others, it does not have the same hardness and it seems to have some slack. I have not noticed that it interferes with the sound but the sensation is quite annoying since I am afraid that due to this it will spoil in one of the movements. I wanted to know if it happens to someone else and if I should take it to technical service since it is still under warranty or should not worry. A greeting and thanks in advance.

I have the same issue. Deck 1 bass EQ knob is slightly softer then the rest of EQ knobs. I forgot about it after of couple days. It has no impact on EQing for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much for your answer, it does not affect me either, but it is still annoying that if it happens to more people it will be something common and I will have to get used to it as long as everything does not break well😀

If you have a minimum of 6 knobs and one feels noticeably looser than the rest, you should take it back. Not only because of what it’s doing or not doing today but more for what could happen tomorrow. Never ignore a sign of defect on your gear. Just my advice.

P.S. I call it a sign of defect because the rest don’t feel that way and they are suppose to do the same thing.

What do you mean, should I go to the technical service to have it looked at? can it be something that goes to more in your opinion?

I never looked at this from this point of view :slight_smile: PS I send this information to my retailer. Lets hear they opinion.

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Keep in mind this is my personal opinion only but yes. Put it this way…If you bought a brand new car that has 4 automatic windows and one of them struggled to move up & down compared to the rest, you would go back and get them to replace the motor right? Sure the window still moves up and down but maybe there is something wrong with that motor and will die soon because it is already struggling to work.

There is no good reason why one of your 6 knobs would feel very different than the rest.


Seen like this you are right, but when I bought it I already had to change a unit and this I thought was silly and that I was too worried about that, I did not think that it would be a defect in the new unit. If you ask your seller I would appreciate your answer DrLastContaQt

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Seller said, its up to me if I want to send gear to service or not. If I decided to sent it back to service they will investigate problem. Seller advise was, if its now a great deal, that I should wait until logistics problems due COVID will be over.

I will send it to service after 15th of march, on this day I will have YouTube Live session and I need my gear for it :slight_smile:

thanks for answering. And what are you going to do? Are you going to send it? it bothers me to send it why to see how long it takes to return it

Until 15th of march Im not doing anything. Then, I will see :slight_smile:

Okay, well I’ll follow this thread to see what happened in the end with this. Anyway, if I find out about something, I’ll tell you about it. Thank you uncle😊

I see you are both in Europe. Here in Canada, depending on when I made my purchase, I can just return to the store and get a new one in return. It is up to them to deal with Denon on the one I return. If the product is damaged, you should have a right to return and purchase another one from them. Again, it would depend on how long ago you bought it from them of course.

Good luck guys.

Here in Spain it is also like that but there are only 14 days for that, from then on it is repair. I did not change it because I thought it was not a defect and I have had it for 7 months. The first one I had if I changed it because the jogs weren’t going well

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In Poland is similar return policy. I bought mine on 14th of December, so can’t return it to the shop. Only repair under warranty.


at the end on Monday I take the prime to the technical service, I already kept the thing and I’m going to take it. I hope they do not tell me it is not under warranty and I hope they do not delay in repairing it. I’ll tell you when I know something DrLastContaQt.why with the money it costs and on top of being using it unwillingly … I hope they don’t fix that and break something else😰

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Could be manufacturing tolerances.

I don’t really understand what you mean by that🤔 JonnyXDA

Google manufacturing tolerances or engineering tolerances.

If this was such, you’d think it would be more common and therefore reported by more than a couple of people. To assume or suggest it could be manufacturing tolerance, is doing so at someone else’s expense and also, how would one measure such tolerance? At what point, here on line, could one definitely suggest it is tolerance and not malfunction?

@8ruben2 If you have warranty, change your unit or get it fixed free. No-one here is a technician for Denon and the fact remains, of all the knobs on your unit, one is noticeably loose; this sounds like something is wrong.

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