Improvement wish list

So after using the Prime Go for a couple weeks, I really enjoy the product, but here is what I’d like to see improved, if Denon is listening.

  1. Allow effects assignment to the sweep filter. I believe a software update should allow for this. Coding to allow a option to assign an effect from the menu or from the shift button to the sweep knob and A/B buttons.

  2. This has been discussed before, but split the main VU meter to separate the visual levels for the playing vs cued track is a must or at least add auto gain.

  3. For MK2 - An led level meter around the EQ/Gain potentiometers to see your levels would be great. It’s hard to see your levels in dark environments.

  4. Improve WIFI so it can manually add SSIDs for hidden networks.

  5. More effects and add a noise filter that you can assign to a non playing deck.

  6. Add a curve adjustment for channel faders

Other than that, digging this little thing! Couch djing is now a thing! Lol


Could I add

  • Ableton Link
  • Beatport Link offline locker
  • Beatport Link playlist organisation from prime Go (ie: Order into Keys etc…)

Only one thing for me.

Activate the USB port soundcard in OBS as a audio capture source or Serato controller

I’m good with everything else because I know a lot of the wishes are hardware limitations.

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Unfortunately the pads are a switch (on/off) so it isn’t possible but a MKII model would be the time for them to add this.

I’d really like this too. Bening able to assign FX to the A & B sweep would be great and add a little more something.

Definitely something I’d want too. I’ve missed not seeing the cue level. Maybe when a cue button is selected it switches over to either the cue level or splitting the left VU LED strip to CUE and the right VU LED strip to the MASTER OUT. Some mixers used to show this years back when they didn’t have individual channel VU meters.

This would make it an amazing mixing desk for live shows.

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What makes you think it’s got a soundcard? Even the top of the range SC players don’t have audio over USB, and the Go is at the other end of the product range.

Also it’s been designed as a completely standalone unit (hence the battery) so I don’t think it could even be used as a controller - certainly it’s not included in the SDK that Atomix used to add native support to VDJ for the Prime series. All the others yes, but not the Go.

They don’t currently have Audio over USB, but they do have a soundcard and DAC. The only limitation here is firmware.

Yeah, the performance pads and potentiometer leds I kinda made as suggestions for MK2, however I wonder if the performance pads could still be addressed by a firmware update. You can stutter tap the cue button and you can get a stutter effect, and the cue button is technically and on/off button too in design, so I wonder if they could update performance pad for hot cues to only trigger play if you hold the button down for a second otherwise if you just tap, it plays but returns back to the hotcue cue point upon release, just like the regular cue button does for your start cue point, thereby tapping a performance pad would also give a stutter effect. You follow me?

I actually like this method. It is the way Serato so it too in their software.

Hold to play and release to reset. I’m not a fan of the ‘press & play’ option at all as I like to edit my cue points and I find locating a cue point harder as every time I press a cue button the track plays.

It’s something I’ve just had to suck up but wish we had an option.

are you referring to hot cue buttons? there is the option to have it as stutter…hold to play, release to stop.

i think the go and prime 2 are 4 in/ 2 out soundcards…and perhaps the out is used by main output in standalone, making it not available for usb audio.

PS some of the pioneer all in one units have similar limitation.

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The XZ is software addressable during standalone operation I use the USB out to record mixes into Audition at one of our local venues. Can’t comment on the RX and RX2. I am referring to only the SC5/6k’s with the soundcard comment. I’m not sure how the summing stage is handled on the Denon All In Ones.

I think its the RX and RX2 that suffer the same as the Go, Prime 2.

The XZ has a spare usb channel …maybe thats why it works with audacity

I saw a post where they also advised getting a external card for the booth/rca main out as well.

does not look like its obtainable

Referring to the hotcue, and thank you, I found the option in the preferences and changed to “momentary” rather than “trigger” and stutter now works on hot cues! Removed from this one from the wish list!

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Yeah, I got mixed up with the temp cue (I’d had a drink lol). I don’t like how that feature works. Even I don’t know what I was typing.

Everyone just ignore me :joy:

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Understandable with the England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 result last night.

Went to Rome

Yeah I’d had quite a few to be fair. I’m not a football fan but I’m slowing getting into it as the missus is a massive fan of anything Southampton FC.

Just because it’s not in the SDK doesn’t mean the features aren’t there, those feature sets are unlocked via firmware/software.

That fader data from capture tells me that there are more controller features that are not in the SDK (yet), and that orange USB B port is very telling.

“Even the top of the range SC players don’t have audio over USB” It’s a different USB B connector, USB3 B.

Audio manufacturers use off the shelf modules or devices that are already available in R&D within the company (I know, I work for one). You might have seen the same one on the DDJ-SX3, the old Rane SL3, or even… the DENON DS1. It’s a soundcard.

Also would like to add the ability to delete a track from the hardware rather than having to delete it in Engine Prime and resync and also the ability to add a star rating.

Wait, so you can’t use SC players in HID mode with a non-HID mixer like the DJM-800?

I really wish that triggering hotcues would set the cue point to the hotcue point. When having hotcues configured to always keep playing and not go back & stop on release, this mechanism would still allow you to go back and stop after letting go of the hotcue button.

This is how VirtualDJ also behaves. The advantage of the “keep playing” setting is that when you have hotcue points for phrases you want to start mixing at, you don’t need to hold the hotcue point and then press play before you release it (or it will stop and go back). However when preparing the transition (beatmatching manually), i often trigger the hotcue in my headphones and adjust the BPM, but if it’s very off, i might need to go back to the hotcue point to play it again or look at the beat grid at that part. With the “keep playing” setting, that’s simply not possible, you can’t easily go back to the hotcue point position.

Thanks for listening to my TED talk.

You can with the SC6k and SC5k. This post is in reference to the Go