I just downloaded Engine Prime. Initial thoughts!

OK, once you’ve downloaded Engine Prime, please feel free to mention on this thread, whether you went for the Windows or Mac version, and what you’ve seen and used in the program so far.

To answer a couple of the initial questions, although they have been covered elsewhere previously:

A) Engine Prime is for 64bit Operating Systems only.

B) It will be a future version number of Engine Prime which will offer MCX8000 compliance, not this 1.0 version.

C) You may experience slow downloading or response times while requesting the download - If so, this may be down to the number of users trying to download the free software simultaneously.

Once you download and run the software, let us know your findings here on this thread.

Just been on the Denon website, find the download here:


Enter your email, hopefully you will be able to download Let’s get going :sunglasses:


It is downloading !

installed and imported Serato library (converted from Rekordbox), lets see how this all goes

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Windows version, will keep you updated :grinning:

just downloaded prime and tinkering for about 10 mins thing i noticed is that from the 10 tracks i analysed NONE where correct Tempo was spot on but somehow engine missed the beginning of the track . I had to manually adjust the first beat in all the racks and they were all electronic tracks with steady beats. Second thing is , where can i adjust the size of the waveform without having to go in the settings menu? i can not find it , perhaps i have not been looking hard enough , somebody?? for the rest looks and feels good but off to more testing now cheers edit i am on a mac

All my MP3 contain Serato Hotcue but when i import them , hot cue didn’t appear

artwork not working for flac files in windows version.MP3 is fine

DJ_Boothe suggested i try different size artwork on the flac files, 300 x 300, 500 x 500 and 700 x 700 Tried so far, no luck


As you said no cue Points came over from Serato. Do you have your Cues managed in Serato before or did you converted from rekordbox to Serato with Rekord Buddy? In case you used Rekord Buddy - are you sure your cue Points found its way to the Serato library?

same problem as brichi , serato store HotCue in mp3 tag so …No matter where the “mp3” come from hot cue are in the file. I’ve tried to import from serato database & itunes database = no success

Guys !!! Thank you all for being early-birds and checking this version… Version One point zero … in several different ways so quickly. It is fantastic to know your experiences.

Obviously everyones computer/use/preferences will be a little different (keep mentioning your Windows / Mac preference too please )

Remember too that things which may show up, or perform one way right now in this initial version, isnt necessarily set in stone.

Cheers, and thanks once again.

and … where is the option to fix artwork on sc5000 jog ?

@elmo if you mean custom artwork: To add your own custom DJ or brand logo simply create a .PNG file, name it “logo.png” and place it into the Engine Library directory on your USB/SD media device. recommended is a .PNG with the dimensions of 600 x 600 pixels.


Might be a good idea to put that info (and any OS limitations) prominently on the web page so people can see it BEFORE they download and try to install. Anyway, looks like any potential Prime customers may also have to buy a new computer to run your software.

Also it states that Engine Prime handles both CBR and VBR MP3s - yet the spec for the SC5000 (both web page and manual) says it only plays VBR.

I sync my Serato library about 15K songs all different genres before I sync it up, I disabled automatic analyze … all cue points came across which was great, I spot checked about 100 tracks, I did it notice about half of them the grid was off by 1 beat, easy fix. When I loaded the tracks it analyzed the track and in some cases it was way off. For instance I loaded a track that was 132 BPM and it reanalyzed it at 152bpm… kinda weird… I was hoping in a perfect world the track would come in with the same beat grid, BPM and cue points as Serato. I have a lot of transition tracks and those took a lot of time in serato to set up beat grids, none of those tracks keep the same beat grid info … kinda of a big headache when it come to those types of tracks… I know this is version one and hopefully it only gets better!

i don’t understand

i’m on mac os sierra.

When i drag & drop a song from itunes on my desktop and drag & drop on the deck A on engine prime, the software read the serato hotcues but when i drag & drop song in engine from itune’s applet which contain same track with hotcue from serato in idTag it doesn’t read them …

I’m running a MacBook Pro Sierra. My serato hot cues are visible in serato, but are not transferring to engine prime. I tried drag and drop files directly from Serato as well as using the serato refresh button in Engine prime.

What is the name of the Engine prime file that stores the cue points? (I remember having to deal with this file in a previous version of engine).

how to desactivate “quantize” fucntion to set up hotcue between 2 beat marker ?

I’ve tried Engine Prime with Win7 (not officially supported), works. Nothing special to be honest. Engine Prime is what the Engine back in 2012 should have been. Disappointing to see some features removed compared to the Engine 1.5:

  • no link possible with SC5000 units
  • no support (export mode at least) for older hardware
  • no tablet version

Go to Preferences --> Performance --> Playback --> Cue / Loop Quantization fader all the way to the left is Off

So i understand how to have serato cue points with itunes playlist.

Step 1 : Refresh itunes playlist Step 2 : Refresh serato playlist

and now you can import playlist etc

i will create a suggestion post for forcoming engine update.

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