How to add Serato crates to target

Please can someone explain to me how to add my serato crates to my target drive. This is driving me crazy, the 1.5 users guide says to drag & drop the crate to the target collection. That doesn’t work at all. Please can someone assist me with this.



Hello mate i imported my serato crates directly from the original source files and not from serato…when you analize or set cue points or anything else in serato it is writen to the actual track metadata so if you import from your original folder all your cue points etc will import over to prime…i have done 45000 so far…i hope this helps…andre

Thanks for your reply djjohnandre, please can you elaborate a bit. When you say source files, I don’t understand. Do you still use engine? At the moment, I have to create a crate in engine, then name it the same as my serato crate, then drag all the tracks from my serato crate into the newly created crate within engine. I just want to be able to drag my serato crates directly to my target drive.

hello craig what I mean is where are your music files stored …if they are stored in a folder on your pc then drag the folder over to prime one by one and you should be ok then…all I did was go to the music folder on my pc where I have all my music stored and drag the folders inside over one by one i.e dance ,soul ,etc etc to the target and built a data base inside prime then transferred them over to my external thumb drive and external hard drive… I have so many drives because of playing to different crowds and also to have a back up copys of every song so you never lose your collection…I would recommend you doing this at some stage so you don’t lose your collection…anyway just a suggestion I hope this is a bit more help for you …get in touch if you need to anymore…andre

Craig forget what i said in my last reply i got things crossed…if you open both serato and prime so you can see both programs on your display then select a folder in serato or crate drag and drop it on to primes target folder and wait for prime to package it …you will not have to rename your folder or create any new crates ok mate try this and let me know how you got on …andre

Hi johnandre. Thanks for replying. Now I fully understand. It’s quite sad that we have to have serato open to do this, considering EP lists all your serato crates already. Anyway, I’ll try it out first thing tomorrow & let you know how works for me. Thanks for your help with this.

I was trying to select a bunch of songs from within a crate in Serato to drag onto a similar named crate I created in a target drive. Only one song in the selected bunch of tracks copied over.

My steps

  1. Open Serato

  2. Let it load

  3. Open Engine Prime

  4. Let it load

  5. Created a crate in Engine Prime target drive

  6. Select a crate in Serato

  7. Go into the library window and CMD + A to select all tracks

  8. Dragged all the tracks highlighted to the destination crate in Prime

  9. Only one track copies over and I think it’s the track that has the cursor on it in the bunch

I will try dragging the crate from Serato instead.

Are you sure Cue Points will copy over?

My Serato library is on a HFS formatted external hard drive, I don’t feel comfortable with using ExFat on OSX especially with large HD + 60k tracks (audio & videos) It’s painfully slow to read and write compared to HFS+

I have a clone of the external in ExFat as one of my back up laptops is Windows 10. It loads fine on Windows but slow to populate my library in MacOS hence the reason I use HFS formatted ext HD for my live gigs.

I do all my editing and stuff on the HFS ext HD and I clone it almost on a daily basis to 3 other identical drives (2 HFS + 1 exFat)

Hey djjohnandre, so I tried as you suggested, but sadly this doesn’t work for me. If I have both apps open (SDJ & EP), Im not able to drag any crates to my target drive. Also as Mufasa says, even if I manually create a crate with the same name, Im not able to drag a bunch of tracks from Serato to EP, it only copies one track. But I’d rather just do it the way I was doing it as it’s easier from just within EP, it also means that we are actuating still manually creating crates & not adding existing serato crates to the target. Which, to be very honest, means that EP doesn’t fully support Serato yet. The way I expect it to work is, drag the serato crate that shows up in EP directly to the target drive… so simple, but looks like - no such luck :frowning:

i just tried every possible way to copy crates and multi track selection over from serato to target drive. It does not work. i even tried dragging crates & multiple tracks to the main engine collection from a opened serato window, no joy either.

Selected a bunch of tracks and only the first track in the selection is copied.

I even tried copying tracks from Rekord buddy window, nothing was copied.

question of the day

if it can copy one track from an opened serato why is it not able to copy multiple?


Since i have rekord buddy and my serato crates is cloned to rekordbox dj and traktor i tried to copy from Traktor and guess what …It worked Lol.

I can’t copy from Serato DJ but can copy from Traktor.

I will take this test further by trying to copy from Rekordbox DJ. [i don’t like rekordbox dj crates/playlist as it doesn’t allow one to combine videos and audio into a single playlist]

hello mate don’t create any crate’s in ep, just drag your folder from serato over to prime and place it on the collection folder to build your data base …prime will create its own crate and start to pack your stuff in it …allow it to do the job as well it takes a little while but trust me it will do it and yes all the metadata is transferred over with your serato crates …hope this makes more sence I will take a screen shot if I get five and show you …ok mate…andre

I have tried that Andre.

  1. Where is your Serato collection located? Internal or External drive

  2. MacOS or Windows PC.?

  3. Which collection did you drag to? The main or devices?

  4. Did you use Engine’s Update Serato Library feature prior or at any time. I can’t because my external HD is HFS+. EP can’t read the Serato Database on my external.

  5. Will be great to see screen shots of your workflow.

  6. Many thanks.

djjohnandre, No matter what I try, I can’t drag any crates from SDJ to EP, it just doesn’t work for me. Are u using a mac or pc?

hello mate I’m using pc ,now my files are stared on an internal hard drive (c drive ) so everything is there at hand

if you take a crate from serato and drag and drop it onto the collection in ep as highlited mate you should be fine and everything gets transferred do not create a crate in prime and then try to drag your tracks over to it ,as this seems to be the problem …if this doesn’t work you may have a corrupt file on your drive or you may need to download prime again …it really is so easy once you have found the problem …let me know how you get on …andre

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It must be a difference between pc & mac, coz it doesn’t work that way for me. It just won’t drag & drop.

thanks andre.

like @crazycraig said, this is not working as you described on mac.

i’m able to drag from traktor though (multiple tracks, not playlist).

And yeah i have uninstalled and re-installed EP. I even removed all previous EP database, reformatted the destination drive twice (tried exfat and fat32).

everything must be formatted in fat32 ep doesn’t support anything else and is your hard drive a hdd,or thumb drive,also what fomat is your music …ie mp3,mp4,aff, as all mine are mp3 320kb and 44.1 MHz which work perfect so maybe a re think on how you have you songs compressed also use a program called mp3val this will sort out any tracks that are corrupt …and it works with minutes …give it a try otherwise I don’t know what to suggest other than getting in touch with denon via the forum…sorry I couldn’t help you more than this mate and hope you get sorted soon …don’t give up…andre

mate just a quick thought when you open ep go to the settings tab and open it check to see if you’ve got the serato library turn on …also if you use I-tunes you can do this here to…check and see…andre

Thanks for trying to help. If it works on pc but not on mac, then it’s clearly a problem with the mac version of EP. All my thumb drives are fat32 & my music is a mixture of wave & 320 mp3’s - all 44.1khz. So it’s definitely not an issue with anything like that. I’m able to add music to the target, it’s just painful having to recreate all my crates in EP in order to have my collection on the memory stick in the same format I’m used to when using Serato. EP already shows all my Serato crates, so I should be able to just drag them directly to the target drive. This is something Denon will need to address. Thanks again for your input. Regards Craig.

ok mate if theres anything else let me know…andre

one last try with drag and drop , i tried it with one of my back up external drive thats formatted in exFat, same result.


  1. Serato collection is on a 4TB exFat formatted drive

  2. Open Serato DJ and Engine Prime 1.1.1 side by side

  3. Drag crate to destination drive (500gb SSD)

  4. Crates dont work

  5. Select multiple tracks to drag to user created crate or even EP collection, only the first track is copied over.

Conclusion Serato and EP on mac not playing well together as i can drag and drop from Traktor to EP.

I can also drag from Serato to Traktor.