How to add Serato crates to target


I also have problems understanding.


Hi- I am fairly new to the Denon DJ community, and transitioning from both Serato DJ and Rekordbox. So as I am awaiting for my new Denon Prime products to be shipped (X1800 and SC5000m), I was trying to prep myself and get familiar with the new Engine Prime software. And it seems that I am also seeing the same issues here. I cannot drag and drop any crates or playlists from Serato DJ Pro into Engine Prime. From what I understand from this particular forum discussion, it seems like some sort of bug or limitation with doing this task with Mac Pro laptops? I am running:

Mac Pro (15-inch, Retina, Early 2013 model) OS version: OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 Processor 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 16GB of Ram

Engine Prime version 1.2.3

Another issue that I’ve seen is that if I try to use EP to detect for my Serato playlists, it seems that some playlists are missing some tracks in them. So the number of tracks that EP detects is smaller than the number of tracks in my Serato DJ Pro playlists. Here are some screenshots:

Serato showing 1071 tracks in my Unsorted playlist:

EP showing only 1023 tracks in my Unsorted playlist:

I have not yet tried to do this from Rekordbox into EP yet. But I am pretty sure the same behavior is going to be seen.

Please advise. Thank you!

  1. Missing Tracks Serato vs Engine Prime crates

I 've noticed in the last year or two that some of my tracks are getting doubled in Serato. If I delete one copy the other gets deleted as well. So it’s basically one file but appears twice.

A few weeks back I rebuilt my Serato Database and that helped but I think it’s returned again.

Try sorting the tracks in that Serato crate alphabetically, look to see if there are no duplicates.

Do you have MCX8000 compatibility selected in the Engine Prime software?


Mufasa, no I don’t have MCX8000 compatibility on. By the way, I’ve done full testing with dragging and dropping tracks from Rekordbox into EP. And that worked out perfectly for me! Now, all my playlists are pretty much to same as both my Rekordbox and Serato playlists, even though it didn’t work out with dragging and dropping from Serato to EP. Even though it was somewhat of a manual process to get them all the same, I’m pretty happy with the results for now.

I think Engine Prime software needs to fix the issues seen with syncing tracks from Serato DJ into EP. Whether it’s with the native EP functionality OR by dragging and dropping.