How fast does my USB has to be?

How fast does my USB has to be? Read speed is the most important for the mcx8000 right?

Don’t get blinded by hyped tech specs. Almost any cheap usb stick can give an amazingly fast read speed … for a few seconds … but not much longer.

It’s the sustained read speed on a usb drive that sorts out da men from da boyz and the drives that have manned up ain’t the cheap ones. Think about the size of your music files - like maybe a 5 minute was file is 50meg … then you need a usb drive that can offer sustained read speeds of 10meg a minute as an example… double that if you’re mixing two tracks off of the same usb stick


i have mp3 files, mostly 192-320 kbps.

To this aspect you will find a video by DJ Mojaxx on youtube qiute helpful. Search for DJCity and USB .

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I bought this one yesterday: 128GB for 38 euro. Will do the speedtest when it arrives.

Another good source for information is over at DJ Tech Tools. I have seen a few comparison tests on DJ suitable usb sticks, including a good practical guide of what to look for and why.

USB sticks consist primarily of a controller chip and the actual memory chips, bolted onto a small circuit board. I think there are roughly three types of usb sticks available:

  1. controller and memory chips from the actual manufacturer
  2. memory chips from the actual manufacturer and controller chip bought elsewhere
  3. memory chips and controller chips bought elsewhere and only assembly done. This last kind often can have varying components from one batch to another based on availability of parts in the marketplace. Companies making these generally have just one goal, get you as much memory for as little money as possible and sell as many as they can. Not much design/engineering work goes into these.

Unfortunately it is hard to tell which is which. Clearly there are a few reputable brands and if you stick with their higher end models, read up on specs and reviews, you should be able to make a rather educated choice.

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I did some research to find out what to choose! Got this from Laidback Luke;

I use SanDisk with a 150Mbs read and write speed. The faster the better!

Mojaxx recommended these also and i found out that the USB-sticks from Patriot brand was something to look into. It’s the write/read spees that’s the key. At least 150 Mb/s.

I use a SanDisk Pro SSD and a Kingston HyperX thumb drive with my 8000, never a problem. They were not cheap but when it comes to drives spend for good ones and they won’t let you down.

if it’s usb 3.0 it’ll be fast enough. Don’t worry about speed, worry about reliability.

It’s not so cut and dry. We just had an issue here with a USB 3.0 drive not being fast enough. (Read up on this here) It’s almost never the bus speed which is the limiting factor, it’s the speed of the memory that is the the lowest common denominator.

This still just reinforces the ideas stated above - get brand name drives and don’t skimp when it comes to quality.