History ERROR on linked player


I am having a problem with accessing history on linked player. Anyone else experiences the same? Also, find function is quite laggy… Many time doesn’t find any songs… until you delete text and write it again.

My collection of songs is cca. 9000 songs and 100 GB.

You can check the video HERE.

Thank you Tomy


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hello - i have a small problem - i have 2 sc5000 and 1 x1800 - on the second player the songs I played on the first one would not be green the song names on the second player that i have alreday played - so can you help me …

Setup: 1 SD Card - so all the same Ordners - Leff Player with SD Card Nr.1 and the right Player Setup at Nr.2 in Software from the Players - all other Software Parameters the same …

you can also write to: office@musikparadies.com