Shared History Between Players

I noticed that History lists on USB drives are not shared between players. Is this intended or a bug in the firmware?

You have to take the History List and create a Playlist in Engine Prime for the data to be shared.

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Whilst each networked player only shows its own played history, one single big History file (containing all the tracks played from all network players, is stored on the usb storage device in the master player.

Simply load that USB storage device into Engine Prime on Mac/PC and use Engine Prime to view the entire single history file.


I am having a problem with accessing history on linked player. Anyone else experiences the same? Also, find function is quite laggy… Many time doesn’t find any songs… until you delete text and write it again.

My collection of songs is cca. 9000 songs and 100 GB.

You can check the video HERE.

Thank you Tomy


Try swapping the master and the slave (networked player) eg: put the USB memory stick in the other player, so that becomes the master deck. Now see if the slowness stays on the same player that it used to be on, or whether the slowness transfers to the networked//slave deck.

If the latter, try a different (faster) USB stick and make sure you’re putting the USB device into the correct slot - front slot for usb2 devices, rear USB slots for usb3 devices - don’t use encryption USB devices in any slots (data vault/secure traveller etc)

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I’m having exactly the same problem, and I’ve moved the SD card to both decks. The non-carded history shows up on the carded player fine, but on the non-carded player the history just shows up as blank. Bit frustrating really.

I’ve uncovered a minor bug - it’s not interfering with performance, just clutters up the display a little at times.

Basically, the “green” already played tracks aren’t always resetting between my shows. This isn’t a consistent issue - but it has now happened to me more than once so I thought I should report it to the dev team (all occurrences have been since updated to 1.0.3). If I notice before starting my show, rebooting the players seems to clear the problem. It isn’t specifically tracks played at my previous show that aren’t resetting either - it was tracks from two shows ago that for some reason were all coming up as played tonight.

Hopefully that description is clear enough. If not, please don’t hesitate to ask me questions. As I said, this doesn’t seem to be having any effect whatsoever on performance, it appears just to be something reading wrong from the database.

As always, thanks to the team for the good work they do!

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