HELP: Firmware Update (Display MCU Missing)

Hi everybody, A few days ago I updated both Mac (to Catalina) and Serato DJ Pro. I tried connecting my MCX8000 but the screens were not working, only thing I could read was “Display MCU Missing” “Display Assets Missing”. I tried updating to the last firmware but every time I tried “Download Error: Incomplete” was popping on the screen. I have no idea what is going on. Can anybody help? Also strange thing is that I could connect my MCX8000 to the Mac and I could mix, but the screens were not working. Please help

Thanks, Catalin

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A quick search (even Google) results in this official statement; updated when needed:

thanks @Reese But I’m sorry to say that Every time I try to open that link, it immediately goes to the Home Page of Denon, so I can’t read it. I reported to Denon but no answer yet.


@Reese Thank you very much! So I guess I just have to wait…unlucky

Yeah think so. Perhaps @Nekoro_DenonDJ has a new update, but the site should have the latest news (also being able to view it in your country)

Hello all. The KB article on macOS Catalina is in working order on our end, using both Google Chrome and Safari web browsers. The MCX8000 is still qualified for support on Catalina.

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@Nekoro_DenonDJ The MCX is qualified for support, but it is not ready yet, right? And how will I know when it’s ready?

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I updated to Catalina before I purchased my MCX8000 and everything is working fine for me except the RECORD METER. I can record but the meter does not function. I have already discussed this issue with Denon support and have tried several fixes and options to no avail. My next step is to bring the board in for technical support after Christmas. To busy wright now!

The firmware update link works for me as well as the link in the previous message.

Our macOS 10.15 Catalina Support is updated in real time as more information about compatibility becomes available, @catalaskay.

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Yeah I check everyday but it is not ready yet…@Nekoro_DenonDJ Thanks


I followed a post on how to re install the Firmware this morning and everything is back to normal. I will now carry the Firmware in my kit when I deploy to a gig.

Well like I said I was able to re install the firmware but the controller during my gig on Saturday night ended up losing the firmware for the displays again during the evening. I spoke with the dealer where I purchased my MCX8000 and they will exchange it for another controller.

I’m looking forward to see if the controller will perform like it is suppose too. I have not been to lucky in the last 60 days first my NV II lost its firmware and is in the service center in Québec city and I purchase a new controller and spent $2000 CDN and it will probably cost me $150 for the service on the NV II both products same company. Whats going on??

@Nekoro_DenonDJ Could you please tell us if Denon is actually testing their products, we are waiting and having no answers it’s not cool, please

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I picked up the new MCX8000 and tested it last night and so far no problems except the meter record level does not work. I believe it could be CATALINA since it is not supported it could be an issue. Tonight I have a gig to do and I will be able to fully test my new MCX8000. More to follow!