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Requested this back in June '17… It was also confirmed by development that the next update would fix this.

Ross H Goodwin: Hi Guys, the next update fixes this. Keep your eyes on the Facebook or forums for the news.

I still have my eyes on the forums, but my eyes start to get lazy :crazy_face::face_with_monocle:


This should be added to the V1.1.0 update:


5th item on the list:

•Loops and Cues can now be placed before analysis is complete.

Personally I don’t use Engine prime to add cue + loop so have not tested this.


Actually I mean on the player itself, not the Engine Prime software.

Sometimes I don’t have the time to process some newly added songs but want to use them in a set. So I have to wait untill the analysis of the song is done by the SC5000. I’m DJ’ing for around 15 years and I never had a similar issue in the past. I don’t want to wait until the full analysis process has been completed to set my cue-point, adjust the pitch of the song and start mixing…


That’s because no other media player in the past has ever had onboard analysis like the Primes do. lol But ya, I agree, it would be nice if a few of the base functions kicked in before the work on the track was done.


Beat/Bar would show without sync turned on as well is important too ,like all the pioneer CDJ


what is your reference as for sure the CDJ can’t do onboard analyses and I don’t know of any other player that can do this.

But it would be a nice addition.


I never owned a pioneer set… Only Denon (NOW: 3x SC5000, PAST: 3x SC2900, 3x S5000, 1x DN-2600F), Technics (2x SL1200 MK2) and JBSystems (CD400). In most clubs I played with various Pioneer sets (CDJ1000’s, CDJ2000’s, …)

I like the analysis of the songs ofcourse, but currently it takes away some freedom and this is realy basic to directly start preparing your next track(s). Nevertheless, I absolutely like the SC5000’s a lot!


I don’t know if it is possible but as a mobile dj I would love it if the players could read off normally formatted USB drives so when a client or celebrant walks up I don’t have to turn on my laptop to transfer the songs to a correctly formatted drive


They already have this - most USB sticks are formatted to Fat32 and will work without needing a computer.


It reads yes… but that’s all that happens. The question of @Subtronic reminds me of a request I made in March 2017:


I’m not following what you’re looking for from a USB stick. Currently if a client were to hand you a stick with some tracks on it, the player would read it, analyse the tracks, create a database so that if you reload the track the work is already done, and it will record any cue / loop points you add plus any adjustments you make to the grid. All of this without ever touching your computer.


Gemini actually had it first. And theirs can set cue points while it’s analyzing. Their players are still extremely buggy, but they could do that.

Sort by bpm in a playlist

I’m also sure that the Stanton SCS4.DJ can do it too.


the problem is that if someone like a celebrant or client walks up with a usb formatted a different way like ntfs or whatever it might be, there is no way of playing it without transfering the songs to a correctly formatted drive. I know this is not a major problem for most situations and deffinatly in a club situation but as a mobile dj it would just be nice.


The only 100% solution is “Be prepared”,

Overall, this is always…always going to have the potential of happening. Eg: Their device wont play in my system.

Indeed it’s had the potential of happening since vinyl records could get scratched or warped. The CD era yielded similar issues with some of the earlier CDRs that people would bring up to the DJ, not being readable/playable on different brands of players. CDRs burnt at slower speeds would sometimes be the only way of getting any sort of multi-player compatibility.

There’s also a current “game” doing the rounds of guests coming up to DJs at weddings, asking the DJ to play a track off of the guests MP3 player/iPod/smartphone using the headphone socket, then, after the track is played, the guest collects their device from the DJ and claims that the DJ broke their device as it doesnt do x or y or z anymore.

More and more usb datasticks are appearing in retailers with factory-fitted data encryption (Data Vault / Secure Traveller and more) which deviate from standard formatting.

In such situations, where playback of a particular track, such as bride & grooms first dance, or processional/recessional/signing tracks, I would always point the client to a dropbox account, or meet them personally several days, or in the case of weddings, several months prior to the event.


Agreed. I would never play anything off a phone or memory stick before vetting it.

You tend to find many (but not all) tracks supplied by guests are from illegal sites, poor quality, not volume leveled etc.

Not relevant to the Prime setup, but VirtualDJ has a Deezer plugin where you can load pretty much any song directly in the software, where it is analyzed instantly and volume leveled etc. A far more elegant solution for tracks you may not have.


100% agree @Gee_DenonDJ and I hate the idea of plugging anything unknown into my setup. I just thought I would throw out the idea of expanding the supported file system as this is a wish list. I was really hoping to be able to leave the laptop at home but every time I look around there seems to be another reason I need it (not just music related).


Thanks for your understanding. I appreciate the dilemma as I used to offer my DJ services through an agency, rather than having direct contact with the hirer. Often the agency had the music that the hirer had wanted, eg: A special edit of the first dance, or a backing track for a singer etc - and potentially, the agency would have had that music file for months, but only send it to me a few days before the booking, or tell the hirer to give me the file “on the night” - which really didnt help.

Getting rid of the agency was my solution to that issue :slight_smile:

  • Record to usb sticks/external HDD’s.
  • Sort list by import date


Think that Denon could get alot Pioneer users to change their rider if they added a Cue-scratch function. Dont know if this can be done software-wize or it should be a new hardware.