Feature Requests - What would You like to see?



I would love to see an option to shift + active key button to enable the pitch fader to be used as a key slider that does not offertory the overall tempo


I would love to see:

MIDI support, like is promised in the manual on page 9. When MIDI is enabled, anyone can make their own mapping for their favorite DJ-software or create a link to their lighting software.

HID support for Traktor (although I would already be happy with MIDI. I’m waiting for any connection to Traktor, before I order my Sc5000/X1800 set).

Standalone/Controller Mode independently switchable per layer. As far as I understand, if you switch to (Serator)controller mode right now, the whole deck is bound to Serato. It would be perfect if we could play in standalone mode on Layer A, then switch to Layer B to mix in some song from your (backup) DJ software, while Layer A keeps playing.


With the new Beatmarker functionality @paul_denondj mentioned.

I would love to see the beat marker “change” when the beat grids are lined up. Even something subtle such as the Lower beat marker changing to “white” when they are lined up, to match the upper counter would be a really good visual cue.

I use alot of loops and have noticed my tracks drifting slightly when i’m on other layers. Being able to quickly switch and check which beat is slightly out would be a real help.


Still no flexible beat grids, still no instant doubles, still a hard limit of 10K tracks, still would prefer Pioneer DJ hardware until these features are implemented.


I am sure Denon is working hard on fixing these


With regards to the 10k tracks limit (2.4gb database limit) on plugged in drives…just wondering if allowing Laptop connection can be a better alternative e.g. just like you can use Rekordbox decks with computer.

To be honest it’s easier to sift through thousands of songs on a laptop than on any CDJ or Prime Deck.

It might be more resourceful to implement playing from computer over LAN to manage bigger libraries (mobile djs and open format djs) than to try to have the 5kP do it all.

Just a thought


thumbs up for this… LAN is avaiable with mixer so hopefully this will be done in a further firmware release :wink:

so far,



Hello all. I do not know if it was already asked but I would like to have two things:

  • Loop out/loop move function. Holding down Loop Out and moving the jogwheel to increase or reduce the length of the loop (grid free).
  • Quantize and snap to grid. Where Quantize provide only to perform in time, and Snap provide only to snap cue points and loops to the grid.

Oh, one more thing :stuck_out_tongue: possibility to set the pitch range to 100 by default (now is 50 max)

Best wishes to all and thanks Denon :slight_smile:


But can you edit ID3 data on the players? NO - not that I am aware of. Would be nice to be able to do so, even mark tracks as favorites or add them to crates or playlists - on the players themselves!

Here are my current wishes for the SC5000 and X1800 setup:

Slip mode engaged when in loop mode Year Filter (ID3) Auto Fade for Continuous mode (Relay between decks or layers, too?) Instant Doubles

Otherwise, I am in love with this setup, the technology, the quality, etc. BTW…I just heard SoundSwitch will be available for Denon Prime soon!


I know many of us use the star rating for energy levels so I would like the ability to search, or at least ‘see’ the star rating in the track list view.

My work around at the moment is to create sub-crates for each star rating within a genre - but it’s another step


Yeh! have been a little harsh, I am now trying to word my post better and more constructive instead of complaining I was expecting the SC5000 to be a little more advanced on release and I was disappointed, but after a few words from Gee I am confident Denon are working hard behind the scenes and the SC5000 can and will progress without just being a pioneer type strategy.

My apology for sounding a bit off.


My ideal/ideas for your consideration,

  1. To be able to get a set together in real time via the player and save this as a playlist,

  2. The beat grid to show slight marking for 8,16,32 bar intervals, maybe 3 shorts faint lines of varying length, (Quite simple to imagine this).

  3. A marker system only tied to playlist and each playlist is individual from one another so you could have the same song in different playlist but with a different marker layout you choose/setup while getting a playlist together. I utilise all the visuals which later down the line will be helpful when triggering timed loops and one such visual aid would be a marker system. at present because hot cues and loops do not yet sync I use the hot cue as a visual aids for triggering and performance you could say it equivalent ideal to what scratch artist do in marking up their vinyl. Now it would need to be looked into so the marker system would be clear but unobtrusive to our current loop and cue markers. for example you could add a marker for start! and one for mix out! and one for out! something like this

Visualisation is a huge part of aiding us preform well in this digital age I am very big on such precision, to be able to read what you are doing as it happens and having such visual aid so we can concentrate on the freestyling of the faders and EQ etc. And our emotion and moves within the mix as it happens.

  1. And one other visualisation that I quite like is a triangle loop brace if triggering manually that is, a sloping loop brace is another great visualisation in conjunction with the grid markings and other markers, I was grateful of this in Mixvibes cross DJ

  2. An option on the player as we create a playlist set to highlight tracks in a slightly different pastel colour/shade, Example I highlight the tracks within a list that I only use on player C+D for sampling/looping with although at present I would have to just add the tracks in between my main track list order so it would get confusing because I may use the tracks I use for sampling/looping with a few times throughout the set. So this subtle indication of what I am using as a main track and then as a sampling/looping track can all be seen at a glance, so I can go to town on dropping in extra looping, example: maybe you use a new House music tracks but you have other old skool house you only want to sample/loop from, you get the idea I think.

For me DJing and evolving with it since 1986 I now conclude that a good DJ system is all about precision, timing, balance, and visual representation so that with ear to eye to hand coordination we can be creative and expressive. Its also better to have the functionality and not use so that it is available for those that choose.

I have many ideas but for me these are a great basis to complete the basics, although I now change my mind and I do not say fundamental More a gap to improve on with mutual benefit to the system of expression.



So, i had a conversation with Laidback Luke about Snap and Quantize. He says that you can make loops snapped to the grid even with quantize turned off by using “Smart Loops”. Well, this do not work for me. Smart loop do not affect anything. I also tryed making new user profiles, different usb stick, managing with both mac and windows, also tryed to not load any user profile, but really those “Smart Loops” do not work for me. Any idea? I feel silly to ask this, but what “Continue” does exactly? :kissing_heart: Thank you


Continue will automatically load the next track on the currently selected Crate / Playlist & play it when the previous track ends.

Think of it like “auto-afk” DJing. It won’t mix the two tracks together, but you wont have silence should you not get back to the decks before the song finishes.

Useful for bathroom breaks incase something happens and you get delayed on your way back to the booth.


Thank you so much somethinghere :hugs:


Just thought I should mention this one point again which would apply to software and hardware,

Browsing, would be much more functional if your last position was remember instead of having to scroll back from the start and this was centred and each player remembers its own last browsing position, one of the more annoying points for me at least, although I presume it will be a request many would like to see I reckon based on what I experienced with other DJ software in the past and user requests.

Thanks for listening, I await eagerly for future updates and to see what we get next, much appreciate the hard work behind the scenes.


Finally i found the time to dig more into these SC5000. Here are my impressions and suggestions:

  • The jogwheels are excellent, but they suffer from some problem on the surface in vinyl mode. If there is static electricity they give problems and they work in a discontinuous way also generating distortion in the sound.
  • There continues to be a bug in both the player and Engine deskop. When you trigger a new cue point (in sync and even with key lock on), the track plays the wrong pitch. You are forced to press play, stop, and finally you can play in the right tone.
  • Analysis needs to be improved a lot.
  • I love performance pads, one of the reasons that convinced me to buy Denon. But I would like to be able to save cue points and loops in the same section, loops generated with the encoder loop or manually. Otherwise how do I perform loops and cues at the same time if I have to move between the loops and cue points sections every time? Really inconvenient. Furthermore, the loops section does not allow you to trigger the same loop several times, but only to activate / deactivate it. Uncomfortable.
  • Why press shift + sync? Uncomfortable.
  • Why press shift + + - to change the pitch range? uncomfortable
  • There is really a need for a snap to grid function independent of quantization of time. Give us the opportunity to make precise loops/cue points and at the same time be free to perform freely without having to press the screen a thousand times.
  • The phase indicator, is practically useless for the way it “works”. As well as the sync function.
  • It is necessary to adjust a loop with the jogwheel, as happens in any other player or software.
  • In Engine Desktop (Win 10), it often does not save cue points and loops.
  • Working in the Engine Desktop at the moment is really tedious. Questionable interface, latency, and other things you already know. Since it’s more convenient for me to work with players, I need a way to save my work back in the computer library. Or connect to the computer with SC5000 and work directly in the main library.

In short, if these SC5000s are born thinking about performance, it is generally expected that everything is functional to performance. At the moment I do not feel free to express myself on these SC5000, as I would have hoped. It is not enough to put buttons everywhere, these must to be usable. I hope you will improve. You did a great piece of hardware, but Denon, you really need to work more and more on the software. Maximum support from me, always. Hugs


I haven’t experienced a lot of what you touch on here, so I can’t offer any advice. But I can for a few of your points…

Because if you don’t press shift, those are the nudge adjust buttons.

Smart loops are set independently of the quantize feature. Open the config screen on the players to turn on or off as you wish.

You already have this feature. Updates made to your USB while playing out can be resync’ed back to your master collection.


Thank you for answer Todd :slight_smile: Yes you are right, my bad about the pitch. I have to try about the usb stuff, thank you again :hugs: But I have some issue with smart loops, they don’t seem snapped to grid anyway. From the user guide “Smart Loops: This setting determines whether or not a manually set loop will be of a conventional length (e.g., 2 beats, 4 beats, 8 beats, etc.). Select On or Off. This setting works independently of your quantization setting”. So arent snapped to grid but just correct lenght, And we already have the loop encoder that make always correct lenght loops. So i don’t understand :confused:


I’m not sure if this is already requested, but one of the most annoying things for me is that during the analysis-process it is impossible to set cue-points.

My request: Add the possibility to set and use (hot)cue-points during the analysis process so you don’t have to wait to start preparing the track or start mixing.