Feature Requests - What would You like to see?



I suggested something similar about a year ago.

Probably not interesting enough for most users.


To most Pioneer users it would be interesting.


I would like that the SC5000 does a bar/beat countdown from the next cue/loop back to where the song is now. Makes it easy to start the new song right on time, e.g. the intro of the new song is 8 bars thus it needs to be started 8 bars before the cue on the current song as the cue is at the start of the break.

they also make reference to the Active Loop, this would also be a very welcome addition to the player.


I would request that the Recordbox -> Engine Prime conversion when you plug in a USB with only Rekorbox on it is done to Crates rather than Playlists. It can’t be any more work and just makes sense so that the sort options are available after the conversion (not available at the moment as the conversion is done to playlists).


Beat Jump buttons: Instead of having to press Shift to search back or forward I think that a ‘press and hold’ option would be much more intuitive (and standard practice on most other players).


If this were to change then then permanent printing next to the buttons would then be incorrect. The Beat jump buttons, follow the standard of their Un-shifted function is written above the buttons, whilst their shifted function is written inversed (black letters in a white box) underneath the buttons.

The close proximity of the Shift buttons to the Beat Jump/Search buttons makes the Search function ergonomically sound also.



Noooooooo dont change what we’ve all got used to using since the players came out.

If you just aim at “lets copy that”, “Lets copy them” all you’re doing is copying the lowest common denominator.

The worst ethic that any DJ, euqipment maker, or anyone for that matter can live by is “We’ll do it this way - why? because we’ve ALWAYS done it that way”

Changing it so that a DJ walking up to the players cant trust the labels that are hardware printed on, or beside the buttons, just because the previous DJ changed some setting or option is just gonna make that next DJ think “these are complicated, I dont understand”


This is the difference between hardware and software.

For example in VDJ I can map any button on any controller whichever way I want, change skins to suit my needs and so much more …because the software controls what the button does.

On standalone hardware units it is expected that the printed buttons represent the features they state. I doubt that any manufacturer will allow “mapping” of them at any point.

That is one of the major reasons I went for the MCX8000 over the Prime system.


I NEVER said to change it. I’m asking for an ADDITIONAL way to access the feature. One that is already established so that anyone coming from any other player would get it instantly.

Sorry, I should have said that as an ‘added’ option for search. I asked three different DJs if they could search through a track and they all intuitively long pressed the beat jump button. I really don’t see haw adding an alternative option that is ‘intuitive’ and not how Denon decide we DJs should use their stuff.


My opinion: beat jump is not search, so long press should be beat jumping but multiple times after another.


Now I’ve had some time to play with the SC5000 and Engine Prime, here are my “nice-to-haves”. This is based on using only 1 deck - still awaiting my 2nd being fixed/replaced (nudge, nudge) :slight_smile:

  1. Manual BPM entry on the players.
  2. If not (1), then at least x1.5, /1.5 BPM on the players (for drum & bass).
  3. Cue/Loop naming on the players using the QWERTY keyboard.
  4. Beat marker should show the alignment without needing to enable Sync.
  5. Different coloured waveforms for the 2 layers (user selectable?).
  6. Auto analyse entire folders/crates/playlists on layer 2 while playing tracks on layer 1 (each layer using a different source).


My opinion would be! Add color waveforms on the players like the CDJ 2000 Nexus 2 !!! Thanks Denon

My opinion would be! Add color waveforms on the media players like the CDJ 2000 Nexus 2 !!! Your software already have color waveforms so why not and also serato Thanks DenonDJ


I really hope not. I really prefer the 3 colors on the Primes.

I dont think that the game is to make a copy of some other brands 5 year old player.

Prime has already gone beyond other players on the market. All the extra colors dont really give any useful info imo just a waste. threes fine, bass middle treble.


They never had that until the nexus 2 there a big difference from the nexus and nexus 2. I think it would look cool to have the color waveforms Denon engine prime have colors waveforms serato Dj have color waveforms!!!


Other users are also requesting it look


Read the rest of the comments. I really don’t want the Pioneer or Traktor waveforms.

But it could be a setting of choice.


Unlike “Which way to display harmonic key”, or “Display remaining time or elapsed time”, the waveform cannot be a setting/option on the player.

The colours are calculated at the time of analysis, usually off-stage, by Engine Prime. If there was a setting on the player to show 16/32/64 colour variations instead, the player would have to re-calculate the waveform from scratch for each track, at the time of load, for each track analysed in a different number of colours.


I agree at least give us the option for it. Denon have it on the controller, what about serato color waveforms? Why can’t have that ?


Just curious: what’s wrong with it now? What do you miss?


If the bult in functional and three color waveforms are not appealing enough why not just get some pretty christmas tree light, some ribbons and bows and place those on the corners of the display.

Anything more than 3 colors is just cosmetic - no ones going to be able to get any significant visual information from 253 extra colors .