Faulty or need of an Update?

So Ive had the Sc5000M for about a month now, having a few issues, I’ve read about the need for firmware updates and Prime etc but I want to know if my Deck is faulty or everyone has the same issue and are waiting for the next update. Issue 1, whenever I start the deck for the first time it takes about 5 minutes for the track to play without slight erratic tempo changes which are audible and cannot mix in or out because of it.

Issue 2, when I try to nudge the platter like Im on a 1210 deck its impossible to beat match, Ive been beatmatching for 30 years so its not me!, it seems the platter movement does not match the audio file movement, for instance if I nudge it in time it then slows itself back down so its out of time again, The BPM is matched and I have to use the pitch buttons (which also take 5 mins to operate)

I like to mix tracks for a long time and Im concerned that these decks are not the right outfit for me

if other users are the same and can clarify its just a software issue that will put my mind at ease


InMusic has been informed of various speed issues in the M and the non-M. I have not noticed them being worse on the M during the first 5 minutes of turning one on, though. Any specifics you can give other than it just being the first 5 minutes? Can you replicate this? Can you make a video to show what you’re talking about?

The M’s motor overcompensates, and in a laggy manner at that, much like VL12 when there’s resistance against the direction of movement or it is forced to deviate from the rate it’s expected to move at, so I think on issue #2 this is what you’re experiencing. I have told InMusic about that, too. Try low torque mode and see if that improves anything.

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Thanks for your reply, just tried it tonight and typically it didn’t do it!? ill give it some more goes and see if I can find a pattern to it So with the motor overcompensating do you think this will be sorted via firmware updates? as it stands I’m not a scratch DJ but love the feel of the vinyl and motor etc but if I cant use it then its obviously pointless and leaves me wishing i got the straight SC5000?

I assume so, or at least they could ignore that portion of the bend detection. Have you tried low torque? It’s slightly less responsive to pitch fader changes but overcompensates less on platter drags.

As far as I can tell the M doesn’t ship with an invisible protective film over platter (no joke I almost returned my sc5000 after two hours due to my failure to realize it was still stuck on), so I don’t suggest checking that. How’s the electric socket it’s plugged into and/or the surge protector strip? I just watched an M unboxing video and between the platter, the slipmat, and the ‘record’ , looks like there’s lots of opportunity for some minor physical issue to arrive (IE. Like how a turntable platter could get a slight bend in shipping ), and I can imagine some little knick taking five minutes to right itself. Just a few basics though. (Regardless I kind of want an M now after watching that video).

I actually Dj in my Shed, no spare rooms in the house, lol! so that has its own power coming from the house, the SC is just plugged into a normal socket, would you recommend something else?

The thing that grounding of the player or person affects is only present on the non-M touch version, not the M version, as it’s literally the jog touch function.

Oh right yes. No doubt a fully functional Denon DJ Theremin easter egg is lurking beneath the ‘WIFI Magic Protocol’ chip and the ‘Ableton Link Activator’ … my money is on the real secret hiding in the depths of the sc5000s: a dual layer sampler/theremin/etc (just waiting to be activated…NAMM 2020?) which would use the digital outs for a 3rd and 4th audio source. …

@Nobody Hopefully you’ve already contacted Denon DJ support and they’ve given you some indication of what your next move is. I’ve never dealt with support personally, but almost every review or bit of anecdotal evidence I’ve heard is that they are very good/responsive when it comes to replacing a faulty unit.

ok heres a quick vid showing you what I mean, after turning it on the pitch and nudge is all over the place, also the pitch buttons dont work, needs to be on for about 10 mins!! Both tracks set to 125 bpm

cant be doing with this for too long :-1:

Are you sure the tracks are actually 125 bpm? From the limited view I can see, they appear to be gridded properly but I’m at a disadvantage with what I can make out.

The pitch bend buttons do indeed seem to be not doing anything. That alone is indication something is wrong with your unit. I don’t see range changing either with them.

Definitely same bpm, that’s why I did a close up of the screen and changed layers , appreciate it’s not the best vid but u can see enough, it didn’t do it last week and I reckon it’s because the temperature was warmer Yes it seems faulty but it’s ok after it warms up Don’t really want to go through the hassle of getting another to find out it’s exactly the same ?!

I have two and neither have those problems.

Time to contact support then, the way it stands is that I cant trust them, I currently need to do sets for a radio station and I cant! I really could do without the hassle of contacting the online store and hope Denon will deal with me direct, Im playing live at the radio this Friday for the first time, the station is sponsered by Denon, but the decks are in for repair !! so they have old CDJ’s till they come back. Im now thinking that I wouldnt even want to use the Denon because I cant trust them, even though I own one and have never used CDJ’s before, How nuts is that!

Same issue here with a sc5000 set…cant use it on gigs now… bought it one day …

I ll think i ll bring it back and go for the pioneer, because you cant use it now!

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Hi @Nobody, I have to ask if you have reached out to our Technical Support team about these issues? If your SC5000M is in fact faulty, our team will be able to help.

i have the same problem, been mixing over a decade and i cant beatmatch for ■■■■. track 1 is behind track 2 and im bumping slowly forward, catching up, catching up and then WOOOOPS im way too far infront all of a sudden, is it a defect or a firmware update can fix?

same problem on the non M

@nickfarah @ DJLee

I am very curious about something and would be great if you guys with the issue can try this and report back…It might help your cause.

Take 1 track only. Mix it in to its self. do you still see the issue? Now, as you mix back and forth (deck 1 to deck 2 and then deck 2 to deck 1) note which deck is the music source and which one is “linked”/grabbing the song from the other player.

Lastly, grab 2 drives. Put the same song on both. Test the same way as above except this time load the track to each deck from the drive plugged in to that deck (do not use link; eliminate the ethernet connection).

I would do that but as you can see in the video I only have 1 deck and am using both layers so that rules out your fault theory

hey shain good idea, will try later

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