Engine OS v1.6.2 Now Available

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that Engine OS v1.6.2 is now available. This incremental update improves the TIDAL experience to ensure a secure, and continuous connection to the TIDAL streaming service.

IMPORTANT: All TIDAL users must update to v1.6.2 soon to avoid disruption. Previous versions will stop connecting to TIDAL servers once the upgrade grace period has expired.

Engine OS v1.6.2 is available now from the link below.

Download v1.6.2


There so much things that would be more urgent to update ! Most users and buyers of prime 4 don’t even give a ■■■■ of tidal or cloud or any crap of that kind. I bought a prime and not a pioneer/serato because it was standalone. And because it was Denon. So I don’t give a ■■■■ either of anything coming from pioneer users like serato. Real Denon members are waiting for EP and engine to offer djays all what has been asked since month/years. No more wifi crap !

Full of gratitude i see…Nice one Denon. Lots of folk like me use Tidal. I did notice it was super slow at loading on Sunday for my live stream.


@Dj.■■■ Whats with the hostility here?

We are ensuring users of TIDAL’s service have a solid connection today and into the future. There are thousands of DJ’s that rely on streaming services such as TIDAL.

While it may not be for you, others appreciate and enjoy the features that Wi-Fi bring to our products and their lifespan in the market.

If you think we aren’t working on other updates, you are very mistaken.


Well said Jay I use tidal and beatport link all the time great addition to have along with paid tracks streaming services powerful tools for searching for new music don’t understand this guys issues because Denon are streets ahead of anyone when it comes to innovation


I agree. I also think EP is top too. Sure its got some wat to go with smart playlists etc but to drop a grid marker and change the BPM is so good. I play alot of oldskool, funk and even jazz at times lol. I can get my grids spot on. Anyway…back on topic.

Its one of the best selling arguments in the dj-shop I work. WiFi, Tidal, Soundcloud.

I can agree that people shouldnt rely on Streaming services, but none the less people love that the function is there.


Exactly shouldn’t really rely on it but it’s like anything like most people have a streaming service on there phone to listen to music day in day out and they be lost without it bit like message services like WhatsApp people use them more than standard message service so probably in the future streaming on DJ systems will not be a issue at all will just be normal

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Hear hear! Very very well said !

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This right here

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This makes me laugh ! What you’re gonna do with all your stuff, tidal dropbox etc when you have to mix in a place /small village/cave where there’s no wifi, not even 4 or 5g ? I rely on my ssd, and instead of all those updates that are useless for thousands of djs (except the few ones who went in a hurry to shout how much they love wifi crap), I’d prefer to see updates on EP that would at least end with bpm detection errors and grid problems. When I see that the free virtual dj of my son works better with detection, grid, stems etc that a gear I paid 1500€, I think I really have the right to give my advice without enduring narrow minded sarcasm.

is it too late to get in early and shout how much I love wifi crap??

You definitely do not have a right to give “advice” without enduring sarcasm. Your “advice was” laden with swear words and super aggressive — sarcasm is what you get!

Signed: A “real Denon member”


Poor man… Go to sleep :joy:

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Lollll can’t take it can only give it, I see what you’re about.


Yeah don’t understand this guy at all if he doesn’t like it go change to virtual DJ which indeed his Prime 4 will also work great with but trust me being a Traktor DJ for years and. In my opinion having the best BPM detection among all the platforms I made the switch to Denon because of the innovative nature of these guys is unreal and what Traktor lacked but don’t get me wrong Traktor are starting to up the game again.But the BPM detection etc in E.P. isn’t far off the best. And anyway if your a DJ of any sort and know how to beat match by ear BPM detection means nothing try mixing on vinyl lad you should be greatful of what tech we have these days


Did you actually read what I wrote? I said that I would not rely only on wifi/ Streaming, but that the function is one of the best selling points.

Personally I have a ssd with approx 58k tracks connected to my setup, and I consider the Streaming functionality as a ‘extra’ thing.


I agree. I download most of my music onto my usb. Having Tidal is an added extra. Tidal wasnt working properly so they fixed it.

As for EP I like it. Ive used Traktor for 11 years, Algoriddam DJ IOS, Rekordbox and Serato here and there. For me the BPM and gridding is really good, especially using the grid markers. All music prep takes time. For a 2 hour streaming show i need 4 hours prep time at least. Thats how it is. Ill teach you how to use EP if you want?


I really, really really stuggled to get the 1.6.1 version working on my P4. (it turned out I used a faulty USB thumbdrive).

I wasn’t planning on upgrading to 1.6.2 since the only update is for Tidal. Which is a nice feature but one I don’t use. But the best part of this upgrade is the option to update over WI-FI!!! Like magic. Thanks Denon!