Denon needs to work on marketing the SC6000

For sure there is.

Jayda G is amazing ! Some close friends booke her in paris and she’s so nice ! Denon need to promote more the underground scene : Little louie vega Kerri Chandler Cinthie Mall Grab Folamour DJ EZ Karizma Octo Octa & they all use pioneer or rotary mixers for some

Alistair Whitehead was one of my all-time favourite DJs when I was a teenager in the mid 90s. His Fantazia House Collection Vol.3 is still my favourite mixed album ever.

10 years ago I got to play with him and as he was about to finish he asked me what my favourite track was. I told him it was Eve Gallagher’s “You Can Have It All” off that CD. He played it for me to mix into as I was on next (it was my residency).

Literally one of the best moments I’ve had and I’ve had many.

Genuinely one of the nicest guys ever. I’m super happy he is on the Primes and would be great to get him on board.

Awesome stuff.

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What a great story, I love it when DJs are nice guys not a***holes.

My wife still plays the Fantasia mixes now and loves him as her favourite DJ (I was always more a prog fan [still am] with S&D my heros), but respect the guy, and do a little bit more now!

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He really was a top bloke.

When was at my old place we had live PAs and DJs from the 90s all the time and he was my highlight.

The K-Klass boys Russ & Paul are also top blokes and so is Slipmatt and Mark Franklin of N-Joi.

So many old skool DJs that I used to work with regularly yet hadn’t let it go to their heads. They stay humble yet pull in the crowds.

I’m so chuffed the missus still plays the Fanrazia House mixes. The Jeremy Healy ones are still great to this day.

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Hi Everyone,

Some great discussion here!

Fresh SC6000 inventory is starting to make it’s way back into sales channels now. We’ll soon be able to show you what we’ve been up to behind the scenes. We like to avoid heavily marketing products that aren’t immediately available for purchase.

Rest assured we’ve been busy with new software updates, content creation and artist activations. More to come soon.


I look forward to that as I’m in the market for new hardware in November.

When big named DJs are booked to clubs, they get what they want in terms of what decks they want to play on so the term “club standard” is really what the big names choose to use. There is not a battle going on between Pioneer and Denon for the clubs, the battle is to convert those who have relied on their CDJs to switch to the SCs. That could determine the future “club standard”. It’s an uphill battle for any company going up against Pioneer because people don’t like change, even if it’s for the better; specially if what they have works for them now. This can change with time and marketing and education.

Just my opinion on this…


You are right, when artists are booked they use what they want. However when the artist leaves or you can’t book an artist for every night what is left in the booth?

Many companies have released gear/software with propaganda for their products relating to clubs. You mentioned pioneer and denon don’t forget there is also serato.

Whenever you come up for air…we know something is imminent.

Folks brace yourself



That’s what I was thinking. Been really quiet for a few weeks then BOOM, a little tease.

We already know that some type of trimmed down deck is coming for hardware and that there will be stacked waveforms all across the board on engine os.

Content creation has been given a thought and mention +1

Where are the leakers when you need em?

I have reached out to a few larger scale rental companies. So far, none have the Denons on hand. So, denon really needs to get some leg work in selling to both these companies and the club management groups. As someone who has say down in these meetings, I can assure you, Pioneer offers a heavy discount when you start purchasing more than ten units at a time. It really gets rid of the price comparison argument if Denon isn’t providing the same types of discounts to get their gear in the booth.

I also feel they should have a larger pool of people who are fans of Denon and their equipment given units to test and take to gigs with them. A lot of the people on this forum would be a good start.

Hardware testers and brand advocates. I think they’d be surprised how much traction that would have because people are always asking me about my setup and especially the MCX8000 and that’s old hat now.


I did a lot of touring with my setups from 2018-till corona start, and a lot of djs changed from CDJ’s to Prime thanks to that. All djs in my booking agency (about 50+ djs) and couple rental companies bought the Prime set. Since corona started, I lost the contact person (possibly left the inMusic) and now all my emails, reports are hitting a brick wall… I don’t know, but person who took over is not doing anything… I feel like I worked my ass off and got no more support from the company I was supporting and showing in the best possible way to others and investing in this my time and money. This is indeed starting to p*ss me off…

My new work didnt have a Denon-setup in the showroom, so I put up my own so customers can see it. And cant wait to get my SC6000s :star_struck:


Great speakers, do you have the sub for them? Keep wondering about getting one.

Yeahh the HS8S is connected as well. Really great speakers. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Worth the investment then? I shall get an order in for one!!

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Def. worth the investment… But if you go for the HS5, you will need the sub as well.