Denon needs to work on marketing the SC6000

Since the drop of the cdj3000, my YouTube and social feed are filled with cdj unboxing a, reviews, and mixes. However, the amount of promo I see for the 6000’s is like the family of crickets outside my window.

Denon, please step it up and work on getting some real promo out there. Show us that these players aren’t going to be forgotten about by inmusic.


I think one of the big problems with Denon is that they tease and announce gear months before they’re available. If you look at the CDJ3000, it was available the day it was announced. Same thing with Apple products, once announced usually their products are available within a month. This results in people being able to buy the stuff and get it in their hands while there’s still a lot of hype around the product. It took nearly half a year for Prime 4’s and SC6000’s to get into people’s hands after being announced. At that point the hype has died down and people are less likely to create content about it.


As much as I agree with you, I think you’re seeing Pioneer related stuff because of your browser history :slight_smile: a week of porn and you will see dating sites lol

I to have mentioned this before too; a couple years ago I went to a very popular music store in Toronto, Canada, where I live, to see the SC5000s and there were non on display. I asked them to find out if any of their stores had any open and they did not, meanwhile, there was almost and I mean literally almost every Pioneer controller and deck and mixer on display for me to jam with… If you don’t make it easy for people to play with your product then they will almost always stick to the devil they know…what do I know though :smiley:


I’m actually constantly looking for SC6000 and prime dj sets and videos. So unless Pioneer are using Denon SC6000’s in their seo campaigns… :-p


The retailer closest to me has one SC6000 on display. I had a some grinding issues with one of my jogs in the first days (luckily has improved). But compared to my jog, the player on display had an extremely rough (and sh!tty feeling) jog. I learned it was hand delivered by the local sales rep.

Why on earth would you bring a player with a broken jog as a demo unit to the biggest store in that area???


Twitch is good for that right now.

That’s a good point. Momentum is key.

Their Prime slogan is also “Change your rider.” I still think they should change it to forget the rider, lose the rider, bleep the rider, etc. Make gear riders in DJing lame and taboo, the purview of prima donnas. No one is putting Denon DJ Prime on their rider. No one is going to. People using Prime are bringing it with them. This is not a knock directed specifically at InMusic, but a reality of industry standardization and the culture of snobbery surrounding riders amongst DJs. I’ll go so far as to say the standardization and riders phenomenon in DJing even derives somewhat from a kind of mixture of stupidity, ignorance, and lack of actual skill. Not all, but some. Once that rider trend is shattered, some clubs will feel freer to experiment with what they buy to include Prime, and, assuming InMusic continues improving Engine OS (among other things), this will be a successful move for such clubs in such a rider-free future. Stop trying to play at the same game of your lead competitor but rather change the game entirely.


Not to mention 95% of riders are ■■■■■■■■. Now, thanks to all these from home livestreams during Covid, we even have proof. Some of these Kats that require 4 nxs2’s are rocking a pair of cdj350’s at home.


No it has been changed to #EmbraceTheFuture :slightly_smiling_face:


pioneer could of dealt a killing blow in this senario of a day 1 release, but the sheer greed of pioneer and its prices will see folk holding out for the denon imo.

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Yeah, because the future is when the fixes and updates from Denon will (maybe) arrive. Far far into the future :flushed:


I actually think that they are doing a great job rolling out updates. Not that I agree with what they deliver each time: New stuff vs Old requests that could be fixed… But we are a demanding crowd, and its impossible to satisfy all of us at once. :rofl:

So overall I think they do a heck of a job providing improvements.


We’ve actually got every function that was listed with the decks. Anything else that we get now is a bonus. Some things could be improved like the decks have always said they had beatgrids, and it’s right, they do. They might not always be ultra precise and always exactly on the first beat, but there’s no denying all the mentioned features are there.

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The stated frequency response and distortion measurements are still not quite kosher, as is the claim Prime playback sound is at all consistent with old Denon DJ “legacy sound quality”. Very limited NTFS read-only drive support currently even though it was in the manual and in the older models and the Geminis do it, even. And arguably it took quite a while to fix a number of glaring early problems, like not being able even to set a cue until the track was analyzed and the speed randomly changing on the non-M and Ms at various firmwares. I’m sure I’m forgetting many. Oh, the early database size limitations, for one. Ms still have pretty uselessly-over-sensitive jog bend with motor off. There are other persistent issues like the requirement to buffer all tracks fully and 270MB or larger ones only being loaded on the deck the drive is connected to, it not remembering your searches, resetting searches randomly, not being able to change drives carefree and get to the folder & list you were at before that you just reasonably except should be able to work compared to experiences with Pioneers and computer software. I wouldn’t call any of that ‘bonus’ features down the line, either.

Exactly. Everything it said it had, it’s got

Like I said, there are number of originally-stated things the Prime players still don’t have: the stated sound specs, sound as good as old Denon ‘legacy’ sound that was in their marketing lit, and NTFS read-only support specified in the manual. So no, actually. They do have most now of what was originally stated, though… to say nothing of what could be considered ‘implied’ based on prior models or the competition that they still are missing. You are talking about Prime, right?

But after how many years?

Not trying to pull rank but some folks have been here from Day 1. I couldn’t even use an external drive as engine prime source then.

That took one or two updates to add that.

But I agree that we are surely getting there.

Other than GUI improvements on the players I think the focus should now be EP.


There’s still some work to be done on the players, especially the quirky loop move and the addition of active loops.

I’d also like to see cue points being anchored to the grid (when imported from rekordbox). Not sure if I will even try to request that :grinning:

In general, the improvements have been massive, though. I had the 5000s back in 2018. They were barely useable then.

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That’s the distinction that Retro isn’t understanding. Take your example: You weren’t able to use an external drive as an engine prime source drive. There wasn’t anything on the advertising, or the manual, or the billeted lists that said “You can use an external drive as a prime source”. Later on denon improves things so that you could, but they weren’t saying from day 1 , at least not that I can see from any of the old “Announcing… “ posts.

And that’s true of pretty much everything. The original prime, the sc5000, advertised onboard analysing and it did onboard analysing, it advertised beatgrids and it offered beatgrids, it said it had onboard bpm calculation and it did have it.

Now yes, there are hundreds of requests for making those features perform differently, or adding whole new requests and features but we’re not actually missing anything that was listed in those original announcement posts

You’ve got some strong rose-colored glasses on right now… or a very limited understanding of how far we’ve come on Prime.