Denon destroys it's competition

I didnt know where to put this but this is a great side by side comparison test. Engine prime and sc6000 smashing it.


It was really impressive that, in the test of the DJ retailer, Engine Prime offered more accurate Beatgrid analysis n downbeat detection than rekordbox 6 did.

Also when they tested a usb pen drive which had dozens of completely unanalysed tracks on it, the pioneer cdj 3000 wouldn’t even show any of the tracks, nor play any of them - it just said zero tracks, zero playlists. The denon just got straight into it, playing a 90 minute track, analysing it “rolling” ahead of playback.


And also bearing in mind the guy on the right is a rekordbox and pioneer fan.

Further on in the video test there’s the tradegy Which befalls the pioneer CDJ3000 in that it keeps saying Unsupported file type on many of the WAV files that they test, but the denon just loads them perfectly right. Also the denon seems to load all the different file formats quicker or at the same speeds as the Pionner 3000.

How the heck can pioneer even hope to charge even half it’s current price for that 3000. Even at half price it’s only one deck for the price of the Sc6000 which gives you two layers. By that reckon, the cdj3000 should be sold for half the price of the sc6000 not double it

I agree. Don’t get me wrong I do like Pio gear. I had the cdj mk3 and djm 800 and it was built so solid. BUT… Denon just wipes the floor with the cdj 3000 here. Bearing in mind this is a high quality authorised dealer doing this test. Even they are quite shocked. Also as well big respect to the engine prime devs for getting this software to the top of the anylising tree. Not forgetting OS also. Amaze balls.

Watched this too. I almost felt sorry for Pioneer during watching it :wink:

Although they over-stressed that “who loads faster” thing a little bit, IMHO. However, Pioneer also failed in almost all other comparisons. I wonder that it even failed in Rekordbox analysis accuracy (and speed).

Apparently this unit hasn’t undergone very thorough testing.

I guess many of the problems of the CDJ 3000 can be fixed in firmware, I read somewhere the CDJ 3000 was basically finished at April already, so I wonder what Pio did in the months after? If I would buy a unit for this price, I would expect it to be almost “perfect”, not being “beta tester”.


I didn’t

Not with my SC5000 pair arriving this week !!! Finally

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I think this just shows how far Denon DJ has come. For decades now they have been playing catch up to Pioneer but now it’s a different story. Pioneer will still probably have thier gear in most booths but I do think alot of djs big and smslm will buy Denon, just because they are better.

I stuck all my trance through Rekordbox and it had trouble analysing the less bassy tracks and a good few others. Engine was pretty spot on with them all, only being slightly off on a few. Found it to be much more accurate. Rekordbox was on top when it came to key analysis though.

If we ever get smart crates then, for me, Engine Prime will be perfect.

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Good shout :sunglasses:

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This video is no longer available… :thinking::joy:


Ha that will be the retailer being threatened with excessive pioneer Buying in prices Or having no stock sent when stocks are low, unless they take the video down.

They’ve been pio-whipped


I think you’re right. I still have the screen to press play and wanted to rip it to disk, but it’s private now. LOL. Missed it completely; at work you know…

“Hey, hello, PioneerDJ here, next shipment is cancelled. Bye.”

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Wow. Just shows you. For anyone wanting to know this was a video showing sc6000 whipping the cdj 3000 butt on speed of loading tracks and also loading tracks such as wav, which the pioneer unit couldnt load some of the tracks. Engine prime also whipped rekordboxs butt on anylising tracks and Downbeat.

And Also for not forgetting That the video showed engine prime on Mac (I think) analysing faster than rekordbox 6 on all tested file types, even though rekordbox wasn’t even trying to work out the harmonic key of each tune and engine prime was.

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Yeah I loved that too. Denon just totally came out on top in every test bar one, which the Pio unit started a mili second quicker on one flac file. It was almost as if the Sc6000 was feeling sorry for the overpriced and over hyped CDJ unit and decided to give it one. When they tried more flac files the Sc6000 won :sob::sob:

Rekordbox definitely is slower at analysing. Engine feels like more than double the speed.

Because Rekordbox takes longer, I assumed it would be more accurate. The speed and accuracy of Engine since the update is quite impressive.

I agree. And it’s in its earliest form of the new algorithm, so I can only see it getting better. I hope they need to keep it as prep software and not add performance to it. Let Engine OS do all that work.

I saw the video :slight_smile: Just me or the 3000’s are looking more and more like a total fail?

That’s what I want too. No laptop going out with me, just one at home for prep