[COMMON ISSUE] Sound distortion, internal buzzing

I didn’t really want to make another topic on this seeing as there are already plenty of topics on this issue but I’ve been left with no choice.

My mixer started experience the, apparently very common, buzzing problem that’s been happening to countless other X1800 mixers. Here’s a video of mine: Denon X1800 Mixer Buzzing/Clicking Noise - YouTube

So I contacted Denon support the other day to get this resolved but I was just sent a PDF of the authorized service centers and denied warranty repair as it’s been past a year since I bought it. (I bought it in November 2018).

Now, under normal circumstances, that would be understandable. However, seeing as this is a common issue, as evidenced by the following topics:

https://denondjforum.com/t/x1800-making-whirring-clicking-sounds/19282 https://denondjforum.com/t/mixer-making-sounds-and-audio-dropout/8767

I can’t see why Denon can’t issue a recall, or, just fix the ones that do come in with this issue regardless of warranty?

For what it’s worth, the mixer has been sitting in my bedroom since I bought it, and has only been out to 1 gig so I doubt it’s due to how I’ve been using it.


it’s embarrassing on Denon’s part. They should solve a problem that they know is endemic in the 1800 prime

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Yup add me to this list of unhappy X1800 users with this issue :sleepy:


Has anyone UK based any idea of how much this costs to fix this with Denon? I put a post on the facebook group mid last year and someone sent me this video… the electric nois lik from a welding equipment stops - YouTube

I stopped using the mixer for a few months then plugged it back in to do the update few months back forgetting i had the issue and it worked for a few weeks then the crackling started again the last few days.

I have finally got a response from their UK support so I will let you know when I find out.

I have heard back from support, as my unit is out of warranty, it is a paid for fix starting from £25 if its quick fix and rising £ if its not.

I think im going to try the grounding fix in that youtube video first: Mixer making sounds and Audio Dropout - #49 by Reticuli

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Honestly, I’m surprised they don’t already know what the root cause of the issue is. All our mixers have the exact same symptoms. Unless Denon/InMusic isn’t aware of this issue… which wouldn’t bode well for X1850 owners.


They have to know exactly what phase is, on too many X1800 units occured the same issues.


I followed the video in the link I posted above from @Reticuli and its early days but so far it seems to have fixed my issue.

I soldered two extra wires between these three points show with the red line as the 3rd post seems a bit pointless:

I will update in a few weeks but hopefully this has fixed it, if your unit is in warranty and you are able you are best off sending it to Denon to fix but if its out of warranty or you are unable to send it this could help you. There is probably a better, less bush fix solution to this by beefing up the grounding at other points but if this works it should be fine.

Video link:

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MINE LITERALLY JUST STARTED DOING THE SAME THING? I was supposed to be doing a stream right now, smh

How’s yours holding up? I think i am going to try the same it’s not my main mixer i use Allen and Heath as well but thinking for the best part of £100 which it would cost with postage and Denon having a look etc i might as well have a go myself!

My issue has now changed from the mixer physically buzzing when powered up cold to just getting distortion on the output for the first 5 mins or so then once it has warmed up its fine, ver odd.

Im going to send it to Denon its £25 for the first 15 or 30 mins (I cant remember which) and return shipping.

& me 2 This issue has been constant for me since purchasing it and its getting rediculous I have to bash the thing sometimes to get it to stop! Not like its covered under warranty anymore anyway so I guess ill be doing some surgery on her then I dont expect Im going to leave in a sponge or something lol