BPM changing while playing after matching beat

Hey, are there other people who had the same problem? After I matched the beat between both of my players it does not take more than 10 sec until i need to adjust the bpm so the tracks are matched again. Could be “normal” but i wanted to be sure that it’s not just my players. I can’t play two tracks matched without adjusting them all the time.

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Well what are the two tracks? Some tracks don’t have a steady BPM.

Even if they do have variable BPM, after spending time in Engine Prime beatgridding them correctly, they will still stay synced (when using sync).

Have you beat matched the same track on each deck? Does it still do it then?


Try with Instant Doubles. It should not go out of sync.

Sadly it happens to all my tracks. I play techno, should normally be steady… and i’m not using sync. But it should not be like this right?

It would help if you answered the questions people are asking.

Are you using the SC5000 or SC5000M? If you’re not using sync, how are you “matching the beat”?

Again, name at least a couple of tracks that are doing this, so we can try to reproduce.

Try mixing with two copies of the same track. Try using sync (assuming you have checked the beat grids of your tracks in Engine Prime before using the players).

Some drift is normal as the pitch control resolution is 2 decimal points but the BPM resolution is 1 decimal point so the tracks will move out of sync over time, this can be exagerated by tracks that have been ripped from vinyl.

I think the BPM display does not dictate the actual value.

so is 121.1 BPM not 121.1 after all?

It could as well be 121.074.

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I think i may have found a bug as well if you run the SC5000M at 100% pitch range you cannot reset the pitch back to zero with the slider it stays at 0.001%, not that i use 100% range that often :grin:

Already reported as a bug in private beta. It will return to 0.01% indeed.

Yes you are right that was my point you can bring the pitch up by 0.002% and the display will go up to 121.2 BPM :smiley:

Yes, but it’s the other way around. Within 121.1 BPM there’s still pitch/speed change available, so BPM display isn’t leading here; pitch resolution is. Try at 4% range with instant double.

Yes thats exactly what i was trying to get at but did not explain myself very well. There is movement in the pitch + and - but the displays still shows 121.1 and the tracks will drift. i use 4% range most of the time.

An extra decmal point on the BPM display would be an advanatge in this situation.

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Yes, I would want that view back as well.

@technopaule, can you try instant double and see if that drifts?

Sorry, I only could do one reply. I am using two SC5000. I am not using sync, i do “manual” beat matching.

Tracks are for example : Leatherface - MRD Flames of Hell - AIROD Hardened Feelings - Gianni Vercetti Is Imminent (Somewhen Remix) - Héctor Oaks

I checked the Grids before playing them on the Decks and am going to try the option with the same Track.

I know that some drifts are normal, but I think after matching i should be able to do a transition 10-20 sec long without rematching.

Have the same thing happening. I didnt have this issue with the ddj1000 i had with the same songs. Plus i can lock vinyl in longer. Hope they can fix.

My 5000s, 6000s and Prime2 are not drifting, so there’s nothing to fix. Instant Double a track to check drift.


I disagree. The decimal point could be causing this. if one deck is 120.1 and another is 120.19 that will drift won’t it? but they will both show 120.1 (you never did confirm in our other chat, how the sw works in the background with the second decimal point; is it rounding etc.)

Instant double is not a good test if the exact pitch is being copied to the other deck/layer. Im assuming if your track is playing at xxx.xxxxxxx that exact pitch will be applied to the instant double deck regardless of how many decimal places we see on the display.

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