BlueTooth physically missing or not (yet) exposed in engine os?

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone of the hardware guys could respond to this: is a BlueTooth module part of the hardware and has it not yet been exposed, or is it physically missing from the GO? It seems such an obvious thing to include in a device geared specifically towards mobile DJs, that I find it kind of hard to believe that it was forgotten during the design.



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How much do you like 38ms latency?

Even with pro transmitters the best you can get with BT is 19ms latency.

Latency is not ideal, obviously, but I can mix pretty good with using only my headphones. It would be cool to be able to send it out to a BT speaker, without having to wire it up.

And obviously, the further you place a wired speaker, the more latency you’d get anyhow rendering it kinda useless as well. So in that case you need a boothmonitor or headphones only too.

I can imagine that a lot of times I would sacrifice latency for convenience.

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This is a good solution!

The BT in the Denons are generic and was probably put there because it cheaper to have the generic wifi/BT combo board then a custom board.

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So there is BT, albeit generic, onboard you say?

On some of the units (like sc5000) there is Bluetooth chip, but it is not programmed in the OS, so it just kinda sits there and waits for proper use…

Even with if BT becomes active it would only be capable of one stereo ch @38ms latency with downgraded sound quality.

Maybe good enough for wireless keyboard to do searching.

That is not a bad idea :wink:

For Bluetooth, I would definitely be a Bluetooth keyboard user for but a fair few other things are controlled via Bluetooth like MIDI or some Zigbee effects.

InMusic have some Bluetooth controllers from Akai with the LPD8 and Korg have the NanoKontrol Studio which could open up remote sampler control or jingle players.

But yes, keyboard support would be the number one use for me!

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Why would it be capable of only one stereo channel? Where did you get those BT specs? Also, can you confirm that the BT module is in fact present on the Prime GO?

Unless someone opens one up to take a peak then there’ll be no one to confirm.

You wanna volunteer? :laughing:

I can confirm that it has.

FCC declaration

It has AP6255 wireless module.

When you go to find datasheet, we can see that it has WiFi 11ac + Bluetooth 4.1


Good find! Thanks! So now we basically want to know if Denon plans on opening up that feature. Would be a waste if it just sits there on the chip, doing nothing.

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