Are there any benefits to pairing SC5000M with X1800 as opposed to other mixers?

I have pre-ordered a Prime 4 but am going to cancel and instead I’m thinking about getting a pair of SC5000M (although it seems there are a lot of people disappointed with the sc5000).

Obviously I’ll need a mixer. I’m considering the X1800. However I’m looking at other mixes as well and wondered if there are any benefits of having the X1800 as opposed to a mixer by another brand.

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I dont think alot of people is disappointed with the player itself. The issues most of us is having, is mainly with the Engine Prime and the long wait for firmware updates/ bugfixes. (hopefully Denon will be able to keep their words and deliver the upcoming updates in about 2 weeks from now)

The player itself, is really Nice!

Yes there are some benefits in having the X1800 mixer and not some other mixer. Amongst other things you can take full advantage of the color on the Cue buttons (headphones selector) on the mixer so it matches the chosen deck/ layer. The fader start/ crossfader start function as well. The build in hub works perfectly.

There is probably other things as well, but I have only used my 2 SC5000s with the X1800 mixer, so these are the things I have seen/ experience. (and come to my mind at this moment)

Maybe someone who have used / uses another mixer, can point out even more things.

Best Regards Engell

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BPM locked FX with the players is a big one and the color coding, as mentioned. I don’t own an x1800 as I have the X1700 which I’m still happy with except for the fact that they no longer support this beast of a mixer but I’d probably get an X1800 to go with my sc5000’s if I was in the market for a mixer.

I was unsure about the BPM locked features - if they also worked on other mixers with hub- connection - but good to know :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you both, I didn’t know either of those points so thank you.

Can you use dual layers with any mixer?

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of course you can.

As long as you have two available line inputs open for use on the mixer (this seems obvious, but perhaps not to everyone), you can use the both layers of the sc5000 on any mixer.


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That would be 2 digital inputs or 4 analogue on the mixer, if the setup is 2 x SC5000M’s,

If you have two sc5000(m) players, you would need four (4) digital inputs or four (4) sets of analogue RCA inputs available on your mixer (eg. channels 1-4) in order to play all four possible layers/channels. Each physical player would require two channels.

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I only use the yellow ones, and can control both layers

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Built-in network switch is a handy feature imho.

More importantly, the sound quality of this mixer is up there at the top. There might be one or two that compete for the honor of best, but it is audibly better than most other mixers (including everything our esteemed “club standard” friends put out).

Network switch, colorful cue buttons, fader start, and BPM sync’ed FX CANNOT substitute sub-par quality control (rca inputs falling out, grounding issue,…), oled display that has burn in issues and some weird choices regarding design and features.

If you have DB2 or 4, X1600, X1700, PX5, 900nxs2, MP2015, 96 or 92 - don’t change your mixer. It would be a downgrade.

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I’m also interested in knowing this too and if i will be missing anything important to me feature wise. I currently have one SC5000 and am waiting for the second to arrive. I have a DJM 2000 mixer so they will be connected to that for now. I’m also new to Denon gear.

The X1800 can communicate with the players for color coding, on-air status, effects, etc. Yes, there’s benefit to getting a whole system.

What does the network switch do? I’m new to Denon and new to digital djing in general (I’ve just got back into it after about 18 years, when it was mostly analogue).

Information sharing between devices.

Ok cool, looks like I will just enjoy the players and keep my DJM 2000. Listed features no enough to make me change at this point. I also only just got the SC5000 and so far like it.

If the switch in the DJM2000 is a normal acting computer switch, then info and music will be shared between the SC’s if connected to the mixer.

If not, just connect them directly with an network cable to each other.

I have not received the other SC5000 yet. (hope this week) but I do plan on trying that, other wise yes I will just connect them together.

you’re not wrong Reese but given there is nothing gained by plugging the SC5000s to each other through the DJM’s hub, why even create that “longer” network path when they can be plugged directly in to one another? For that reason, I would plug them directly to each other with one cable.

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