Announcing PRIME 4 & Serato DJ Pro Official Compatibility!

Hey Everyone,

We’re very pleased to announce that the PRIME 4 is now officially compatible with Serato DJ Pro! The PRIME 4, is already acclaimed as the ultimate 4-channel standalone DJ Console, and now your console doubles as the World’s most advanced full-featured 4-channel Serato Controller! This one has been heavily requested by our community and we’re more than thrilled its here for all to enjoy!

Feature Highlights

  • Sideline the laptop - browse, navigate and load with the HD touchscreen interface - PRIME 4’s 10”, HD multi-touch display becomes the DJ’s window into Serato DJ Pro library navigation, browsing and 4-deck selection.

  • Visualize and Control Multiple Serato DJ FX with 8 OLED Displays - Stack up to 3 instances of Serato DJ Pro’s extensive FX selections plus visualize and adjust parameters with the hardware encoders and built-in displays.

  • DVS Ready for Traditional Turntables with Serato Control Vinyl - Using Serato DJ’s (optional) ‘Club Kit’, DJs and Turntablists get full, 12” vinyl control over their digital media

  • Expressive hardware control of Serato DJ’s Mixer, Transport and Creative Performance features - Optimal, tactile and easy-access Serato control - from basic DJ playback and mixing, to sound-sculpting and beat-juggling.

  • Touchable ‘Dual-View’ options for Serato Library and Decks - Flip PRIME 4’s HD touchscreen to show ‘Standard’ (Serato library and full-sized Decks) or ‘Expanded Library’ view (Serato expanded library with Mini-Decks).

  • SoundSwitch Support within Serato DJ Pro via Expanded USB Hub capabilities of SC5000M - Reclaim those critical USB ports and run mobile, club and event lightshows seamlessly within Serato DJ Pro, with SoundSwitch DMX interfaces. The USB hub can also be used for media device and additional MIDI controllers.

Important: Serato DJ Pro controller mode requires firmware and software updates:

  • PRIME 4 v1.3.3
  • PRIME 4 Audio Driver v1.0.2 (Windows only)
  • Serato DJ Pro v2.3.1

PRIME 4 v1.3.3 Release Notes

  • Added Serato DJ Pro compatibility



Can you switch from controller mode back to stand alone mode seamlessly on the P4 ??

Yes, just press the Eject button to switch to standalone mode from Serato DJ mode.

Since PRIME 4 has a single display, it is not possible to run both standalone and controller mode simultaneously.

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So the music will be continuous while swapping modes ???

No but you can use an external source till the reboot is done… like a phone or something


And what’s the scoop for P4 users running the 1.4 firmware beta? What gives?

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This serato feature is live/public/approved for use at public gigs

The fantastic streaming features are currently in beta only, with the various warnings about not using it in public, yet.

I’d be guessing that a future firmware version will feature both the serato implementation features and the streaming features

Yeah sorry man, I didn’t make my question clear enough! I meant, is it safe to downgrade to firmware 1.3.3 if you are currently using 1.4 b2?

Here’s a thought though. Wouldn’t it be just PERFECT if Serato and Denon could create a version of Serato DJ Pro internally on the P4? I know they are working real hard on fixing all aspects of Engine Prime but… y’know! It’s meant to be a standalone controller, so whilst having Serato compatibility is just awesome, it really shows up the flaws that are currently hurting us all in EP. Such a shame.


WOAH WHAT??? You can have Serato DJ Pro for FREE for use with the P4??? WOW. Now that I wasn’t expecting at all!!

Don’t believe me? It’s true, check this link out - Serato link.


Downgrading from 1.4 Beta to 1.3.3 is no problem. Just be sure to turn Wi-Fi OFF before you downgrade the firmware.

Yep, the PRIME 4 unlocks the full version of Serato DJ Pro. :slight_smile:

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Yeah bummer as I hate to lose the streaming feature but hopefully that’ll be baked into an official update soon anyway. Also if I’m using Serato I’m already hooked up to Wifi so it’s no biggie.

And SOOO happy this unlocks full Serato DJ Pro. I was worried this wouldn’t be the case so very thankful it isn’t!

Seems like Serato and Denon have been hard at work on making all of this happen so major props to both of them!

This is so huge for me! As much as I love stand-alone mode, having Serato back is a BIG deal to me!

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Yeah I agree, major props to both Denon and Serato here as well. Now here’s a question… I wonder if Serato can ‘see’ my internal P4 SSD, can’t see why not as it mounts up once the P4 is in controller mode, and therefore can create its own analysed library separately using the music tracks that are already copied onto my internal P4 SSD, so best of both Worlds, EP for gigging out, Serato for playing at home? Hmmmm?

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I have updated p4 to version 1.3.3 and now it doesn’t work tidal and I don’t have the WiFi option in settings. I used to have v1.4 b2. Is something wrong or does the serato version have no tidal function?

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1.3.3 has no streaming functionality yet. That will be implemented on version 1.4 and above. Since 1.3.3 is a stable release means that Serato can be used in a live scenario. 1.4 is currently in beta and offers the streaming (Tidal) for testing.

You can downgrade to 1.3.3 for live scenario and upgrade when you want to test with streaming service anytime you want.


All connected media devices, including Prime 4’ s internal SSD, are sent to the computer

Thank you. I waiting for new 1.4 beta with serato. I use my p4 with beta firmware in a live scenario and work perfectly. No need laptop… But I like serato for video…

This is true… BUT… you can’t analyse the internal SSD P4 within Serato as it has to analyse music ‘offline’. You can’t do it that way as if you turn off your controller, the P4, your SSD unmounts as well. Catch 22. Hmmmmm. Any bright ideas anyone?

Two drives isn’t the end of the world. And is sorta safer

Very true. I just tried it with a backup copy of my Engine Prime Library from the internal SSD and copying it back to the SSD once analysed in Serato… but I just can’t be bothered, you’re right! One drive for Serato at home and the SSD via EP for playing out. Less stress :slight_smile: