X1800 Mixer Feature Requests


Speaking from actual experience, wrong again. And the rest of this stuff you’re saying that I’m quoting below is a complete violation of not just acoustics but basic logic if you really want to get into that… which by the way doesn’t matter how old it is if one were to cite it. Timeless stuff.


You want a delay in headphones…hmmm

Are you beatmatching to the clubs/venues PA or your own monitor (in ear/speaker/headphones)

I’m no sound engineer but I definitely won’t want any delay in my headphone.

Will the dj have to delay actions too like having to press a button or drop a record at a delayed pace.


That is exact the problem !!!

The solution is split cue or monitor speaker in the DJ booth or have a booth that is close to at least one pairs of PA speaker system of the venue.

Reti’s next big invention - > The waterproof Teabag? :smile:

Ignore this thread and let us all move onto sensibles and serious real facts and factors please


Optional. Extremely simple to implement on a DSP-based DJ mixer as an option with adjustable delay given the increments are comparable to standalone pro audio DSPs.

Why would the DJ need to “delay actions” intentionally and additionally past all these acoustic and DSP-based delays added? Even if there was a need, you can’t delay back in time. If at maximum we’re talking delays on the mains, booths (essentially fills, now), and headphone jack independently, arrival times are all identical to the DJ’s ears. DJ acts at the moment sound is heard. Yes, overall you get a slight (in milliseconds) delay added between what you do and what you hear, but as previously stated, it’s as insignificant as DVS latency to adapt to. There’s no need to delay actions further or supernaturally preempt anything.

One of my own PA’s requires it with the Danley’s, some large space set-ups I’ve done for the occasional “mobile” event (I don’t do those much) where I was actually DJing from essentially the lighting booth on the other side of the room while paid dancers were between the stereo mains, and a few where I’ve been involved with where the DJ is in the middle with the mains all around at the edges of a very large space this has been a useful technique. It 100% works for a DJ setup. I hear other DJs bringing up this need from time to time, and I explain it’s rather simple to resolve without blasting booths over the mains to drown out the mains’ delay. It’s not for every situation, but it certainly has a use. Home-bound (or bedroom) DJs even encounter this need if hooked into a DSP-based home theater system that has its own latency in their receiver and no DSP-bypass “pure” direct mode.

And as I’ve mentioned, it’s extremely useful to keep volumes reasonable and sound quality optimal with the booth delayed to match the mains along with that headphone delay, too. Booth and mains delays, if necessary and possible, should not be the DJ mixer’s job, IMO. The extra DSP channels, cables, and headphone amp for the headphone delay is the part the digital DJ mixer can easily eliminate due to proximity and the fact these mixers now are a DSP. In the era of sync, BPM counters, and graphic waveforms, being able to have identical arrival times and not kill your hearing might not be as desirable as it once was, but for those doing manual mixing by-ear and not doing everything with IEMs (which I must do with some venues I’ve DJ’ed in), it can make a significant difference.


The 1800 mixer _isn’t a DSP

It contain at least one of DSP (Digital Signal Processor)

Making changes on firmwares take up firmwares storage space, and that it space that could be use for other far more usey and things of need and want.

This mixer already has two way of giving DJs instant sound to they ears even in big distant speaker venues. The are being Booth output and Split Cue. Don’t bother for a Magyver third


Limited memory of the X1800 would certainly be a consideration.


How much of 1800 memory would this feature use?

How much memory does each exist feature of x1800 use?


I have no idea. That’s why I said that would indeed have to be something considered if there was an attempt to implement optional headphone delay. That’s the case with every effect, though. We are just talking one stereo delay, though, not like every output would have a separate one. I know outboard processors will usually tell you how much you have available/remaining in the memory or computing throughput as you add or turn on stuff in them.


Another instance of you just spreading nasty incendiary clouds over anything that is not of Reticuli-1800 or Reticuli-5000


Huh? What’s with the ad hominem post?


Just a mild X1800 request to be implemented: Some sort of screensaver or display-off setting.

I don’t use the mixer all the time, but I have the unit always on, because of a connected RME interface of my computer. Furthermore, if I do use the mixer, the display changes not that very often.

Result: There is clearly a burn-in to be seen. Which is a bit of a fail…


Same problem here with burn-in.


Wow. You’re not just worried about burn-in, you actually see burn-in occurring already? Having been an early adopter of OLED on the eMagin HMD years ago, I can attest to the risk of burn-in and short lifespan of, at least older-manufactured/designed, OLEDs. My eMagin Z800 lasted just past its year warranty and then the OLED in one eye started dying. If any of this stuff is still a flaw of OLED (and I understand the benefits, like superior contrast), screen savers when idle and even occasionally random blanking (or even alternating between blanking and all lit randomly as in some old plasma screens) would be essential to ensure they last. +1 on that recommendation. Are the SC5000 displays also OLED?


Yes it’s clearly visible. It’s probably an old version of OLED on the mixer. Burn-in is gone after an off period.

The SC has ordinary LCD.


DJEric, do you also notice that burn-in is not persistent after power off and power on later? Not distrusting Reese’s claim, just seeking parallel, independent accounts to ensure Reese’s experience is not just a one-off.


It’s not a one-off, believe me, every X1800 has this problem!

You own one right? That’s your first parallel.


I do, but I mostly use the MP2015s.


hello, it would also be a good idea, in some future firmware update, that you could combine the filter knobs with the sweet fx


You can choose to combine the filter and the swap fx already. That’s one of the great things about having the filter separate from the 4 sweeps, you can filter a sweep, or sweep afilter, or just one, or just the other.


It is permanent burn-in. Video