X1800 Mixer Feature Requests


What do you guys would like to see on the mixer?

First things that comes in my mind:

  • Internal Oscillator in Utility Menu (for test purposes) with routing options, Level, Frequency, Pink Noise / Sine Wave
  • Security settings with Users/Access Profiles (for sound engeneers / club owners to avoid DJ’s to change limiter settings w/o password/pincode etc…)
  • A way to Load a Profile with utility preferences made in Engine Prime (just like profiles are used for SC5000 now)
  • Microphone Cue by press and hold ON button (seperate for 1 and 2), LED could blink to indicate CUE status
  • Utility menu -> Microphone -> Setting for SPLIT CUE MASTER receive ON/OFF
  • Utility menu -> Microphone -> Booth Receive: Separate/Split setting for Booth Outputs and Record Outputs, so a set can be played without Mic in the booth, but mix can be Recorded with MC.
  • System -> Info: Option to give a name to the mixer, option to give IP trough DHCP or MANUAL
  • Screen brightness / Led Brightness
  • a nice Vocal Hall effect in BPM FX for microphone (to sing live)
  • Booth out delay / Master out delay

EQ on Booth possible?

I second this.

The list is pretty doable because of the nature of the mixer.


I am a new user of SC5000 and X1800 products. After using them I have come to a lesser imperfection, it is a function that allows the microphone to be monitored by means of earphones. It would be great if this operation was available and could be switched off and switched on in the utility. I’m used to playing without an active monitor (stage monitor). Certainly, many users, as well as future, would welcome this opportunity. I apologize for my imperfect English.


That’s actually a fantastic idea, definitely convenient for speaker calibration/SPL metering.


This is a feature Request . It would be very nice to set an EQ on the Booth-Out , may be the is possible by Software update. Not that important but nice to have :wink:


Pitch and Spiral FX like Pioneer devices!


I’d put adjustable headphone delay and headphone EQ as pretty high on my list of wish features for the X1800. Any decent sound system should have the ability to adjust the timing of the master and booth, anyway. Putting a stereo DSP between the headphone jack and your headphones when the mixer already is a DSP, however, is a bit of a hassle.

Also, while the noise and test waveform generator on the mixer idea isn’t so bad, it’s very easy to just put some test waveforms in a folder that says “test waveforms” on your music drive. Any sound engineer should already be doing that.

I definitely want an owner settings lockout, though, at least for things like the limiter and output levels pads. Agree with that one.

Sometimes I think the volume of the individual headphone sides are a little too loud when in Split mode, though not as bad as on the MP2015. I do like the slight dip in the cue/master blend knob when in the center… similar to the X1700.

Way down on the priority list, but maybe an option for Split to bypass the cue/master blend knob.


You have cue solo side selection on v1.1.1. You read my mind; I’m messing with a bunch of cables and IEMs for that purpose! I think an option that’s just called “Side” would make it even better. So under that option you’d have L, R, and Side to choose from. It would put the cue on the side based on the cue button or player. So with Side selected, left deck with channel 1 & 2 would be left cue side with master on right while channel 3 & 4 would be right cue side and master on the left. While having Left/Right open in the utility all the time and switching it with the rheostat encoder knob would work, I tend to leave that open to the filter resonance usually instead.