X1800 Mixer Feature Requests


Having only an LCD monitor and not OLED or CRT to look at that video, it’s hard to make out what you’re talking about. I think I see some issues with the large block letters at the top, though, like differing intensity of block patterns within the letters. Is that what you are seeing? As for issues in the black areas, I don’t think the foot of my LCD’s contrast curve is good enough to reproduce that if there were any burn-in traces there.


Yup, you got it right. And to think a year ago X1700 owners were wondering if it’s worth to " upgrade" to X1800.

I’ll stick to X1700, I can live without the colored cue buttons and instant BPM detection. 60mm Alps K faders and all the other small quality differences more than make up for this inMusic product.


Maybe I can find someone to turn my X1800 into a rotary version. My X1700 faders are way too nice to do that to them, but on the X1800 would be welcome. I also really like the cue/mix side selection thing on them. Hoping they add an auto flip mode for that so I can keep resonance on the utility screen instead.


Viewing burn-in problems has nothing to do with your monitor type viewing it. The video is kinda bad.

Here is an example; I have it default at FLANGER but when selecting PINGPONG you still see flanger through it.

Photo shot with flashlight on:


It potentially has a lot to do with my ability to see some types of burn-in through just videos over the web. I said I could faintly see exactly the sort of thing you’re showing here but if DJEric was also talking about issues in the blacks, my LCD monitor lacks the good contrast to relay those.


Well, it’s an OLED but nowhere near my LG 4K from 2017…

The burn-in is just visible as ghosting of the most used screen content.