SC5000M announcement


I guess patterns will emerge and hopefully such people will get sussed out for what they are doing, that is plain wrong. This forums seems a lot more polite than many others and so will be good to keep respect for each other here despite differences in opinions etc.


Sadly some folks seem to be very bored :slight_smile: We, however, are very busy cooking up new updates.


I feel that we are very lucky here on the whole to have a great community, unfortunately, a few naughty folks seem to be hell-bent on arguing with each other and are going to some very silly lengths to do it.


seems “slow cooking” is really becoming very populair :wink:


It is a very valid point, Serato is already on 2.0.4 since it upgraded in February but then they are a dedicated software house. Hopefully Denon can really embed the hardware in high-end home user and DJ riders at a significant rate that they can afford to create a (larger) dedicated software team that can develop Engine Prime to be more like Serato / Rekordbox, with iterations at the every couple of months rate.

Serato’s public betas are always a well worked idea though…:wink:


That is one aspect of Engine Prime I would like to see improved. Denon DJ as a whole would benefit from communicating with the consumers better on planned updates and timelines. It was a good year before Engine Prime was decent enough to not make me want to pull my hair out whenever I used it, but that was, what seemed like to me, a full year of just silence until the update finally dropped.


If a company tells to the public about everything they work on sndceverythjng they are about to be release then they are also tell their rival makers everything too. I can see why minimum information must be give


What about bug fixes? Do you think there rival makers will copy, Denon’s bugs and glitches updates into there new products?


The rivals have make their own bugs and errors very frequent. So frequent of time that they need none of other bugs. The recall pioneer have on sx3 and I memory when pioneer tried to add longer beat jumps to nexus and broke it.


If a company is not willing or able to fix a simpel bug, maybe they can just ignore it complete till every one for gets about the bug and the brand complete… Its getting angrynating by now how neglecting denon handles the software and firmware side of this. Absolutely scandalous. Excuse my nagging rant. #notsorry


They denon have already acknowledged the existing the tiny bug with hot cue pad if play is stopped and menu preference set to momentary and they said they will work on with it.


but it’s not the only bug, what about the high end roll off ?


I also feel like many problems will never be fixed. There will simply be a new product.


That is only what the way pioneer do


I don’t know. Just checked SC5000 prices and they’ve hit a new low. Pioneer prices are stable for years. So the market seems to think otherwise.

Makes me regret my choice a bit.


It is normal for something like a SC5000 to drift down in price when the 5000motor model is release. People don’t know they lose of the platter display just to get a motor.

I think price of both 5000 and 5000motor will level off soon and very close similar


I haven’t seen any sudden price decrease.


In Europe, we had several price drops for the SC5000 over the last months. The latest was down to 1398€ (from the original price that was 1799€). Quite tempting, but still there’s too much that needs to be fixed first.


agree with kevin ! the SC5000 are not really expensive compare to the beginning


You can have a B-stock, that is practically brand new, for as little as 1299€. Recommended retail price is 2159€. When buying expensive machinery, resell value always matters to me. And that has gone to ashes.