SC5000M announcement


Tune in now to our Facebook page for a live stream of DJ Kenny Dope using the SC5000M’s!



Drum pads on a vinyl deck are sorta dumb.

Vinyl players are vibration protected by their very clever feet and dense bases but only from external influences. All the extranal vibration protection won’t stop the stylus from bouncing all over the playing vinyl when some adrenaline enthused DJ starts hammering the drum pads like a possessed Duracell bunny.


I am keeping SC5000 and buying 2 SC5000M once they start selling them on


I am not sure if DJ equipments with motors in them in 2018 are as important to has manys DJs as ten years ago or more.

Else where’s on the internet I read of the 5000m to be same price as the 5000 and DJs will just need a choose of motor or colour platter display for same price.

I think it will be a awkward decision to make for some DJ and I would chose of the colour display in stead of motor.

I think the motor fill the same space where colour display would normal fit but if a model got offered with both motor and colour platter display for may be 10% of more cost in shops that would give to DJs all the options and no awkward decision choice to make. But would it sell ? I don’t know that


That directed at me? I’d never use the pads on a hybrid unit when an analog record was playing. People would figure out that issue soon enough. I want three hybrid players and don’t need dual digital layers on them.


If the older decks (like the 3700/3900) were set to “continuous” mode in the menu (so it keeps playing track after track, like a real record), you can easier forward/backspin/scratch multiple times and the cue/marker point stays put. That’s how I have my 3700’s setup. Never had an issue with the cue point moving around on me. Only downside… you have to remember to mix/fade/cut the track before the next one starts because it will continue on playing track after track (then again, that continuous option is great during long dinners). :wink: :sunglasses:


Ask Technics. They had one (10+ years ago…?). It didn’t live up to the hype.


But you are not the only DJ who exist (in opposite of how some of posts of yours say)

I think that some DJ would play analogs records and hit hard the drum pads and then say it is Denons fault andthat Denon need firmwares to fix the physics hahaha :scream:


You’re arguing that irrational or ignorant arguments shouldn’t just be countered or outright ignored. Since when did reason and common sense take a back seat to worry about baseless complaints? Is debate and critique so fear-inducing that it should altogether be avoided because sometimes it’s inconvenient or threatening?


The Technics had a gitchy keylock and didn’t play off thumb drives. It also was not a true hybrid, as it had no ability to play vinyl. It was a limited, buggy design that had very low chance in the market.



So few of your sayings are of belief


You mean like when I posted links to verifiable technical analysis of the SC5000’s sound, or the PDFs for the SDKs for Elastique V3 when I pointed out possible settings that might be responsible for the high frequency roll off? Care to be specific about what I’m saying that’s unbelievable or or some kind of lie?


That’s fascinating. I’ve seen the cue scratch drift thing on both the 5500s and 3700s and never considered that single/continuous might have anything to do with it. I’ll have to see if the 3700 remedy at all resolves it on the 5500. I wonder why that’d do anything to it. I never experienced cue scratch drift to any significant degree on the 3900 and assumed it had been fixed.


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I love the idea of the moving platter and what ended up making me decide go over to the Denon line. While I will be initially investing in the SC5000 base unit, I do plan on adding the motorized units later on (after they have been thoroughly put through their paces).


These look really cool but not a concern for me, I got jealous for about 10 mins and worried that my SC5000s had been superseded, but then I remembered I still have 1210s and DVS!!!

Great for those that don’t but would love the old feeling back again.


Gutted, I got my sc5000 if I had known I would have waited as I have not had much use of My sc5000’s as of yet because of one thing or another I have had to solve, I am happy with my sc5000’s but The sc5000m platter is nice to have myself being a long time vinyl dj since 85. Doubt I will ever be able to afford/Switch now.


Frankly, in technology there is always something new coming out. When moderating the Digital DJ Tips forums we regularly got the question if someone should wait for the next version to come out. I think if what is now available can give you a desired bump in your gears capability (like your SC5000s compared to anything else in the marketplace) you should just go for it, rather than deny yourself the upgrade in the possible hope something even better will come along on the horizon.


quite true and most agreed, it is what it is at the time, and the sc5000 still has much advantage so I cant complain.


Is this happening? Folks got time lol.

Should we be expecting some juicy updates for EP and the SC5000 OGs when the SC5000M starts shipping?